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Review: Does Norwegian Air Offer Scandinavian Quality?

Boeing Sky interior in B737-800 plane

Norwegian is operating short-haul routes mainly with B737-800 planes. The cabin looks fresh and bright above the clouds.

One of Our Favourite Airlines

Norwegian Air is a really fast growing low-cost airline with many routes within Europe to different holiday and business destinations across the globe. They have been rapidly expanding their flight routes throughout the years and now they are regarded as the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe. Because Norwegian Air has high-frequency domestic including international flights from Finland, Finnoy Travel has often flown with them. Simply, Norwegian Air is one of our favourite airlines.

People boarding Norwegian B737-800 at Helsinki Airport

The sky is dark at Helsinki Airport where people are boarding Norwegian B737-800 going to Dubai. Helsinki - Dubai is a really long route for B737-800 and sometimes refueling is needed on the way.

Young and Fast-growing Airline from Norway

Founded 24 years ago, Norwegian's fleet has almost 150 aircraft including Boeing 737-800s, Boeing 737-800 MAX aircraft and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. They have both short and long-haul flights to more than 150 destinations in the world from hubs throughout Europe. The company has acquired consistently new aircraft for its rapid expansion. Accordingly, Norwegian has made orders for additional aircraft with different models as mentioned previously including others models such as Airbus A320s and Airbus A321 Long Range.

Because we are living in Helsinki, we are mainly using Norwegian's Helsinki hub. In addition to Helsinki, Norwegian has many other hubs, just to mention Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Madrid, London, Malaga and many more. Norwegian is a true European airline flying almost to everywhere in Europe. However, in the East Europe their competitor Wizzair has a better route network. Norwegian has also a few destinations in Asia and in Africa and an increasing number of destinations in the US. With these brisk expansions by Norwegian, they are indeed one among the fastest growing global airline offering cheaper flights but committed to quality.

Norwegian Boeing 737-800 plane at Helsinki Airport

Many of our holidays start with a Norwegian's Boeing 737-800 plane from Helsinki Airport.

A Modern Day Airline with Low-cost Pricing Model

Norwegian boosts themselves for operating with some of the newest and greenest fleets in the world. Being that said, their aircraft has high fuel-efficiency which is environment-friendly because of reduced emissions, likewise it is good for passenger's wallet.

Norwegian has not just copied the low-cost model but they have improved it a lot. A good example is their loyalty program Norwegian reward. Rarely do low-cost airlines have loyalty programs and Norwegian is one from the short lists. Norwegian's loyalty program is not a typical miles program rather it is based on payback model with some extra rewards.

Flying with Norwegian

Norwegian is a low-cost airline and that is why the ticket includes only the flight. You have to pay extra for assigned seats, baggage and on-board food. However, Norwegian has many benefits compared to other low-cost airlines. For example choosing the seat is free at the airport. Some of the planes are equipped with WiFi that is totally free to use.

We would say Norwegian is a mixing of a traditional and low-cost airline. The prices are moderately low but the ticket classes are similar to traditional airlines' economy tickets. Norwegian offers three ticket categories: Lowfare, Lowfare+ and Flexible Ticket. Lowfare+ includes a free seat selection and baggage. Flexible ticket is, as the word says, flexible with the changes.

There is no business class on Norwegian's planes. On economy routes all seats are similar except some seats have a little more legroom which means comfort for every single passenger. On long-haul flights, Norwegian has a Premium Class.

Short-haul Fleet

Norwegian's short-haul fleet consists mainly of Boeing 737-800 planes. Norwegian has just acquired a few B737 MAX planes. A regular passenger may not probably notice any difference between these plane types but MAX is just a little bigger and it has longer range. That means, MAX can do trans-Atlantic flights without a need of re-fueling on the way.

Norwegian B737-800 plane at Prague Airport

It was a great surprise to see Jean Sibelius painted to the tail of this Boeing 737 at Prague Airport. But do you know who he is?

Norwegian's Boeing 737-800 planes have new Boeing Sky Interior cabin. It looks spacious with colour changing lights. Seats are thin and comfortable enough for short-haul travelling. Because the planes are new they are also really neat looking. But remember that Norwegian is a low-cost airline and no-one should expect much space around his/her seat. Even though there is not much legroom, we have never felt seats would have been too small.

Norwegian Sky Interior cabin

Norwegian is operating short-haul routes mainly with B737-800 planes. The planes are equipped with a nice looking Boeing Sky Interior.

Norwegian Air Review - Our Rating

Our Norwegian review is based on multiple flights we have flown by Norwegian. We have travelled from Helsinki for example to Rovaniemi, many cities in Spain and Dubai. We have also flown Norwegian's domestic flights in Spain. However, we have never tried Norwegian's long-haul fleet and therefore this review pertains to short-haul flights.

The reason for multiple Norwegian's flight is they have a good route network from Helsinki and cheaper prices. They are one of the most competitive airlines flying from Helsinki and their price level is often very affordable.

Comfiness of the Cabin

The cabin of Norwegian Boeing 737-800 is clean and comfortable. Seats are slim and modern. Boeing Sky Interior design makes the cabin to look fresh and really modern.

Ceasar standing in the empty cabin of B737-800

Welcome to the red cabin of ours.

Customer Service and Professional Skills

In our opinion, Norwegian's crew are not the best in their friendliness. They are doing their job well but expecting a smile may sometimes be too much. We have got a feeling that they are somehow stressed and overloaded.

To be honest, we have nothing to complain about their work quality. They know what they are doing and we have always got what we have asked and payed for. Pilots' announcements especially have always been made really well. From our several flights with them, Norwegian pilots had always made a smooth landing.

On-board Service of the Flight

Tickets do not include any on-board service. Menus are distributed in the beginning of flights and people may buy small snacks and drinks during the flight. The selection isn't that good. As other airlines, Norwegian is also selling peanuts, chips, chocolate and noodles. They have also a few warm options but the selection could be much better. So prepare to have your own food with you if you fly a longer route.

On short flights there is one serving. During longer flights you have two chances to buy snacks and drinks. Between servings you may, of course, visit the galley to buy more.

Price Level of the Ticket

Even though Norwegian is a low-cost airline, its quality is as good as many regular airlines, like Finnair, can offer. Norwegian is a truly modern airline.

In contrast to regular airlines, Norwegian ticket prices are far cheaper. Norwegian has especially great offers and the luckiest people may find really cheap tickets. But do not expect as cheap tickets as Ryanair offers. That is because Norwegian concentrates more on quality than Ryanair.

Price to Quality Ratio

As we have told, Norwegian tickets are often really cheap. We also had emphasized that the quality is surprisingly good for a low-cost airline.

These two things together makes Norwegian's price-to-quality level high.

Overall Rating

Norwegian is surely the best low-cost airline we know. There are things to be improved like on-board shop selection and crew friendliness. But so far, we really love this airline.

But Something Makes Us Often Annoyed: WiFi

Norwegian has widely advertised about their free WiFi on board which has been often criticized by public due to its frequent unavailability during flights. From several flights we had with Norwegian whereas the aircraft was expected to have WiFi on-board, we have the same sentiment for not able to use it. Oftentimes, the crew has explained WiFi is not working 'due to technical issues'.

We made a short survey on a Facebook group about Norwegian WiFi experiences and people told the same. Really often WiFi is not working. We also contacted Norwegian and asked for their opinion. They told us WiFi is just a complimentary extra service. But still they are advertising it a lot. That is kind a questionable.

Norwegian B737-800 plane at Prague Airport

Ceasar boarding, but who is the lady painted to the tail?

Is Norwegian a Good Airline?

We from Finnoy Travel say yes, but Norwegian is not the perfect airline. They should especially fix the really annoying WiFi issue. In the low-cost class they are still doing really well and reflecting Scandinavian quality.

Have you flown with Norwegian? What have been your experiences?

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