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Review: Finnair - A Reflection of Nordic Quality?

The cabin of Finnair A350 plane

We were lucky to fly by a brand new Airbus A350 plane on our Finnair's flight from London Heathrow to Helsinki.

Overview of Finnair

Finnair* is an airline from the land of Santa Claus and it has been founded in 1923. The airline has a good safety record and it has a reputation being a respected traditional airline.

Helsinki Airport is Finnair's hub. There are flight connections from Helsinki Airport to multiple destinations in Asia and a few connections to North America. In addition to long-haul flights, Finnair has numerous short-haul connections inside Finland and Europe. Finnair also serves many holiday destinations for Finnish travellers.

Finnair advertises to be the fastest connection between Europe and Asia. Finnair's passion is to create an image of high quality Finnish airline that is a little exotic especially for Asian travellers. We decided to write a Finnair review with one of our flights with them.

Our Flights to London and Back

Our flights were from Helsinki to London Heathrow and back. The route takes normally about 3 hours one way.

The outbound flight was operated by Airbus A320 plane and the flight back to Helsinki was operated by a brand new Airbus A350 plane. Normally wide-body jets are used mainly on Finnair's Asian and American routes but the London route being an exception. That is because Finnair has much cargo between Helsinki and London.

We flew in Economy Class. Actually we had upgraded our inbound flight to Business Class but unfortunately Finnair had to downgrade us back to Economy Class accordingly because of operational reasons. The excitement to fly with Finnairs's Business Class turned out to be a bad surprise, the downgrading of our flight to Economy Class has been told us just right before the flight. We are still waiting for Finnair's response how they will compensate it.

Outbound Flight to London by Airbus A320

Our outbound flight from Helsinki to London Heathrow departed on a Sunday afternoon in September. The flight was operated by Airbus A320 plane which seemed to be in a good condition but the plane was not the newest one. The flight was almost fully booked.

As usual, there was some delay while landing to London because of traffic restrictions. The flight took a little more than 3 hours but it landed almost on time. Anyhow, the flight went smoothly

Finnair landing to London

It is common to expect some delay when landing to London.

Inbound Flight to Helsinki by Airbus A350

When flying back to Helsinki, we felt really lucky. The flight was operated by a brand new wide-body jet Airbus A350. Finnair flies every now and then to London by Airbus A350 because there is a cargo hub in London.

The flight was a little delayed but it landed to Helsinki almost on time too. Everything went smoothly during the flight.

The Cabin of Finnair Airbus A350

The cabin was quiet and comfortable. It was really nice to notice that the plane's engines were not too noisy.

Because the plane was brand new, it was really clean and absolutely in a good condition. It had grey-white colour theme with a blue carpet. Seats looked light built but they were as comfortable as economy seats can be.

The cabin had led lights whose colours can be changed. It felt spacious in the cabin and it was really bright inside. Toilets were big enough even for tall people.

Economy Comfort

Finnair has Economy and Economy Comfort travel classes but Economy Comfort class is not being used on the route from London to Helsinki. However, we were still sitting on Economy Comfort seats.

The Economy Comfort seats seemed to be like just as any seats in Economy class. The only difference is that, there was plenty of space for legs.

All seats were equipped with a pillow and blanket. This is not the normal case in short-haul flights.

Finnair A350 Economy Comfort

Economy Comfort class of A350 is located behind the Business Class. Seats are more spacious but basically there is not much difference to Economy Class.

The Entertainment System of A350

As everyone can expect a new wide-body jet has an entertainment system. This was the case with this plane too.

Economy and Economy Comfort seats both had a similar entertainment system. The screen was bright and moderately big. It was easy to be watched even on a bright day. The touch sensitivity of the screen was really good and there were no challenges to use the system. The user interface was intuitive. There was not any ordinary remote control but the touch screen was the only way to control the system.

Finnair A350 entertainment system

The entertainment system has quite a big screen and the touch sensitivity was good.

However, the system had only a little content. It had many music channels but it was not possible to see song names beforehand or to choose a certain song. The movie selection was not that good either. For example, we did not find any Finnish movies that was quite disappointing.

Finnair A350 entertainment system map

The entertainment system of Finnair A350 has a navigation system. It is easy to use but it does not have special features.

The system included a nice navigation system and two outside camera views. Passengers are able to see down or forward. The system also had ports for headphones and USB devices.

Finnair A350 tail camera

It is cool to see your own airplane when you are flying. Finnair A350 planes are equipped with a tail camera and you can access it via the entertainment system.

The Internet Connection of the Flight

Finnair's Airbus A350 and A330 planes have internet connectivity option. Unlike Norwegian Air Shuttle, Finnair charges for the internet connection. The connection is free only for Business class and Economy Comfort passengers for one hour. Finnair Plus Gold members can avail too said offer.

It is possible to buy internet connection for 1 hour, 3 hours or for the full flight. We bought the connection for 3 hours and it cost 11,95 euros.

We tried to pay by a credit card a few times before the system finally accepted it. The first tries just were unsuccessful without any reason. Finally we were able to get online.

After the successful payment, the internet connection worked well enough for surfing and email reading. There was nothing to complain about it.

Finnair A350 at Helsinki Airport

After landing we had a stand at Helsinki Airport. Luckily it was a really nice autumn weather.

Our Rating

Finnair's Cabin Crew

The cabin crews were professional. However, they could have been more friendlier by smiling a lot which was not the case during our flight.

On-board Service of the Flight

There was only free coffee, tea, blueberry juice and water available. All other products cost and the selection is not so special. Many other high quality airlines are offering complimentary snacks and drinks.

On Finnair's long-haul flights, there is a free on-flight service.

Price Level of the Ticket

Tickets are not the cheapest ones but Finnair has every now and then good offers. The offers are not that good as some low-fare airlines like Norwegian Air Shuttle have.

Price to Quality ratio

The overall quality of the flight is good but with complimentary service and more friendly staff the rating would be much better. Finnair has branded itself as a quality airline but on-board service does not meet this branding.

Overall Rating

Finnair is a good airline especially for Asian travellers as an exotic choice.

Final Words of Finnair Review

Thank you for reading the Finnair review. Please comment below about your Finnair experiences. We are happy if you share this article too.

Remember that our review is not the final truth but just reflects an experiment of a single flight. You may also want to see our other airline reviews.

Visit Finnair for more information.

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  1. Nice article and info.


    1. Thank you for your positive feedback!

  2. Thanks for the thorough review!


    1. Oct 06, 2017 at 18:02 EEST Niko / Finnoy Travel :

      You're welcome. :)

  3. Interesting review. Can't say I've read a review about an airline before! Shame that they downgraded your flight, never heard of it being done before!


    1. Oct 06, 2017 at 18:14 EEST Finnoy Travel :

      Thank you for the comment. Yeah it is same they downgraded us without pre-communication. :(

    1. Thanks and we would also like to hear about other customer's experience with Finnair and other airlines.

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