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Review: New Saving Features on DreamCheaper's Hotel Booking Service

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 12/17/18 | August 24, 2017
Oslo Opera Hall

Oslo is a beautiful city but so expensive. During our trip we were able to save about 25 euros by using DreamCheaper to rebook our hotel.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is DreamCheaper?
  2. DreamCheaper's New Saving Features
    1. New Feature 1: Flexible Room
  3. New Feature 2: Flexible Meal Option in the Hotel
    1. New Feature 3: Flexible Hotel
    2. New Feature 4: Pay Later to Avoid Temporary Charges
  4. Our Booking Strategy for a Hotel in Oslo by Using DreamCheaper
  5. Final Words about Our Review

What is DreamCheaper?

DreamCheaper is a hotel rebooking service. It will automatically rebook your existing hotel bookings cheaper whenever they find a cheaper price. Using the service is free but you must pay a small commission in the case DreamCheaper has succeeded to rebook a cheaper hotel for you.

Please read our previous review about DreamCheaper to understand the basics of the service.

You only pay commission to DreamCheaper from the savings they generate once they are able to rebook your hotel for a cheaper price.

DreamCheaper's New Saving Features

After our previous review, DreamCheaper has introduced a few new features to their service. The redesigning of the user interface has brought a new fresh look and now it is even more user-friendly.

New Feature 1: Flexible Room

It is now possible to ask DreamCheaper to look also for different room categories. You can specify in the settings if you are flexible with the room type and DreamCheaper will then suggest you also other room categories. Perhaps you have a booking for a double (bed) room and DreamCheaper proposes you a twin (bed) room for a cheaper price.

Settings can be modified by logging in and choosing your preferences from the menu. If you don't have an account yet, you can start saving with DreamCheaper by creating one via our DreamCheaper referral link*.

New Feature 2: Flexible Meal Option in the Hotel

As being flexible with the room type, you can also be flexible with your meal plan. You may ask DreamCheaper to offer you cheaper or better hotels with different meal plan than there is in your original booking. Remember that it is always up to you if you accept the offer or not.

New Feature 3: Flexible Hotel

To get most savings, choose to be flexible also with the hotel. Allow DreamCheaper to suggest you other hotels which may be located just nearby the hotel from your previous booking if they are cheaper or better. Again, you do not have to accept the offer if you do not like it.

New Feature 4: Pay Later to Avoid Temporary Charges

One of the best features is to avoid temporary credit card charges by letting DreamCheaper to take care of temporary costs. You will be paying the hotel only a few days before travelling. This way it is easy to keep many concurrent bookings. You then cancel the unneeded hotel bookings when you have finally made your choice of hotel a few days before travelling. Without this feature, your credit card limit would exceed easily.

This feature can be used when DreamCheaper is rebooking your hotel. There is a few euros charge to use this feature.

Our Booking Strategy for a Hotel in Oslo by Using DreamCheaper

In the summer we travelled to Oslo. As everyone knows, Oslo is really an expensive destination. The cost of living is high from transportation cost, food and also accommodation costs. In short, there are no cheap hotels there at all.

However, we wanted to have a good hotel as cheap as possible. We used the following strategies with the aid of DreamCheaper.

  1. We booked 4 different hotels in Oslo firstly by comparing prices on hotelscombined.com*. We chose prices that are cheap but still cancellable. Our hotel choices were Scandic Vulkan*, Gaustad Hotel*, Anker Hotel* and Smarthotel*.
  2. We forwarded booking confirmations to DreamCheaper and we got a reply that DreamCheaper has started looking for better rates.
  3. During next months, we got a few times an email that DreamCheaper has found a better rate for us. We chose to pay rebookings later to DreamCheaper to avoid temporary costs.
  4. A few days before our journey we checked the final prices and we chose in which hotel we wanted to stay. We cancelled other unneeded hotel bookings. Our final choice was Scandic Vulkan. DreamCheaper charged us the price a few days before the journey and sent a voucher for us.
  5. We arrived to the hotel with the voucher without any problems.

Finally, we got a room in Scandic Vulkan with a really good price. Thanks to DreamCheaper, without using their service, we could not have availed of cheaper rate for our hotel of choice.

Final Words about Our Review

We are not co-operating partner with DreamCheaper. However, if you want to have 10 euros free credit for your first rebooking, you can use our referral link to register into their service. That gives us 10 euros too.

DreamCheaper has showed us to be a really great tool for minimizing our price comparison work after the first booking. Just now, we have many bookings on DreamCheaper to be processed. We wish DreamCheaper will find us cheaper prices again but surely the answer is YES.

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