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Primeclass Lounge in Riga Airport
Primeclass Lounge in Riga Airport was a positive surprise. The quality of the lounge was better than we have experienced in many other airports.

Review: Primeclass Business Lounge in Riga Airport

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • July 31, 2017

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Fresh Business Lounge in Riga Airport

Primeclass Business Lounge in Riga Airport is really new. It has just been opened on 25th May this year and it is located in the Schengen area of Riga's airport. The lounge is maintained by TAV Operation Services Latvia and it is not an airline-operated lounge. Many airlines are recommending this lounge to their business class passengers. Primeclass lounge also an option for Priority Pass lounge cardholders.

Primeclass Business Lounge has 108 seats and it offers an opportunity to enjoy a decent meal while connecting at Riga Airport. There is a bar with a wide range of alcoholic beverages, as well as tea, coffee and various refreshing drinks. The lounge also has a private single room with a bed to be rented for an extra price.

Location of Primeclass Lounge in the Airport

The lounge is located near Gate Area B on the upper floor from the departing flights' area. Accessing the lounge takes only a few minutes from the gates. Riga Airport is not that big so the lounge is easy to be found.

The gate area of Riga Airport
Schengen area gates (A and B) are close to the lounge. The walking distance from the gates to Primeclass lounge is only about 100 meters.

Affordable Ways to Get into the Lounge

As we wrote, Primeclass Business Lounge is not operated by any airline. However many airlines send their business and first-class customers to this lounge.

For economy travellers, there are a few easy ways to access the lounge.

If you are a holder of Diners Club Credit card, there are two possibilities: You are granted free access to the lounge or if not free access then a discounted price, for example, Finnish Diners Club cardholders will be charged 19 euros per visit. We recommend you check your card's issuer regarding the price.

Another easy option to access the lounge is to have a Priority Pass card. Priority Pass card comes free with many credit cards or it can be purchased separately. Depending on your card type, accessing the lounge may be free or it may cost about 24 euros. Once again check the exact conditions from your bank if you have got Priority Pass with a credit card.

The third option is to pay the normal entrance fee. At the time of writing this article, the fee is 40 euros. You can always check the current price from the lounge's web page.

An Entrance Voucher for the Lounge

If none of the previously mentioned ways to enter Primeclass Lounge in Riga Airport is suitable for you, we recommend you to buy an access grant from a British company called Lounge Pass. This is a cheaper option to get in rather than paying the normal price. From Lounge Pass you can also purchase access vouchers to lounges in other airports. You will save at least 10 euros compared to the normal entrance fee.

The entrance voucher should be bought beforehand. So maybe it's time to secure a lounge entry for your next departure or stop-over.

Catering Is Included

With the discounted price the entrance fee is very affordable compared to the normal price level of airports. Primeclass Lounge has full inclusive service plan. There you can have unlimited food and drinks. The lounge provides you also a quiet space where you can relax and escape the stress of the terminal. This means accessing the lounge is a good alternative to over-priced cafes at the airport.

Environment and Catering in Primeclass Lounge

When we visited the lounge the environment was peaceful and spacious. Everything looked so clean and new. To be honest this has been one of the best lounges we have visited.

Power sockets
The lounge had free and well working WiFi. It was also a nice extra that there were many power sockets available on the floor.

Catering during our visiting time was better than averagely in lounges. The drink collection was excellent: juices, soft drinks, beer, wine and also strong alcohol to choose from. Also, the food choice was better than average. Soups, kinds of pasta, sandwiches, different veggies and sweets. Not to forget coffees of different varieties, including Turkish coffee! We would say that the selection was better than normal in business lounges in European airports.

Food Buffet
The selection in the food buffer was good. There were warm food, well-made sandwiches and many other things.
Alcohol Buffet
Like the food selection there were many alcoholic drinks available. For sure, almost everyone finds his/her favourite alcohol here.

Latvian staff were friendly, spoke good English and they were very helpful. We were feeling very welcome in this lounge.

How to Access Lounges?

  • Infrequent traveller may book lounge visits on Lounge Pass.
  • Frequent traveller may benefit from a lounge membership. Read our Priority Pass review.
  • Budget traveller may bid for a lounge visit. Read more about LoungePair.

More information you will find from our lounge guide.

The Rating Based on Our Review


Comfort of the Lounge (excluding catering)


Customer Service

Overall Rating

Next time when you fly via Riga Airport, think about accessing this Riga Airport lounge instead of spending your money to restaurants. If you own Diners Club card or Priority Pass this lounge is for you.

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