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WordDive: An Innovative Application to Learn a Foreign Language

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WordDive promises you innovative and effective online language courses.

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Evaluating WordDive

WordDive is a new and different language learning application that promises you to learn a new language in just three months. Everyone understands that after three months, you won't speak any foreign language fluently but the language skill level may be enough for travellers or new immigrants. Mastering the basics will make daily life much easier.

We are not yet familiar with WordDive's learning solution but their concept seems interesting. They claim to make learning more effective by incorporating a learner's multiple senses and utilizing a professional approach. For this reason, we decided to evaluate this application.

How Will We Go on?

We contacted WordDive and fortunately we got a free license to evaluate said language application. So far, we don't have results but we have just created our accounts and installed the application to our phones. WordDive can be used by a computer with a web browser or by iOS or Android device.

Now we ready to start testing the application and hopefully we are able to learn something new too. Stay tuned to hear about our results in a few months.

Where to Get More Information about WordDive?

At this point we can't tell about our own experiences yet. But we recommend you to read more on WordDive's* own web page if this short introduction made you curious. They are explaining the learning process there well.

It is also possible to make your own trial account to test the software. So if you are planning to learn a new language or doing it right now, maybe you should test this.

Many of you are now wondering what does the learning costs. According to WordDive's homepage the price of the service is 9,99 euros / month after the 14 trial phase. The trial period is free.

Stay tuned to hear more details about our experiences. If you tried using WordDive already please share your experiences below. Latest updates you will find on our Facebook page.

A notice for Finnish high school students: ABI courses available on their web page too.

We are updating articles when we get new information. This article has been edited last time on 03/07/18.

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