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If you are lucky, you will receive a nice email from DreamCheaper. This time the saving wasn't huge but according to DreamCheaper it can be much more too.

Cheap Dreams in Your Dream Hotel by Using DreamCheaper

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • June 08, 2017

Please check up-to-date information from DreamCheaper's own web page as there could be minor changes after the publication of this article.

What Kind of Hotel booking service DreamCheaper Is?

DreamCheaper is a hotel booking service whose main task is to find cheaper hotels on behalf of you. Recently we have used their service and we found it to be reliable and innovative. DreamCheaper was able to rebook the same hotel for us at a cheaper rate than our previous booking. As the result we got a few euros back by using this service basically by not doing any 'hard work'.

The main idea of their service is that you provide details about your existing refundable hotel bookings to DreamCheaper. Then their automated systems try to find the same hotel with the same or even better conditions but with a cheaper price. As long as they have found nothing and thus not been able to produce any savings for you, the service is totally free. If they are able to produce you some savings, they will charge 20 percent of the saved amount. In every case it will be a win-win situation.

Background of DreamCheaper

DreamCheaper is a company which has been registered to Berlin. They are not a big company but they seem to be constantly developing themselves. But as always, it is wise to use a credit card for payments because in an unlikely event of some problems, your bank will help you. According to our evaluation DreamCheaper is operating in a trustful way.

Practical Steps to Re-book a Cheaper Hotel

In order to re-book your hotel with a cheaper price, follow these steps.

  1. You need an existing hotel booking that can be cancelled free of charge. No matter where the booking has been made.
  2. If you still don't have a booking, DreamCheaper recommends you to use* to make the first booking for any hotel you like. Most hotels on can be cancelled freely. Please check the terms clearly before confirming your booking.
  3. Forward your booking details to
  4. After 1-2 days, DreamCheaper starts looking for a cheaper rate for the same hotel you have previously booked.

In some unfortunate instances wherein DreamCheaper won't find a cheaper rate, your current booking stays valid. That is a sign that your current price has been competitive.

In the case you are lucky, DreamCheaper will contact you and inform that they have found a cheaper rate. Then follow the steps:

  1. Accept or reject DreamCheaper's new proposal (price and hotel booking conditions). If you reject, your old booking stays valid.
  2. If you accept the proposal, DreamCheaper will ask your credit card details. They will make a new (cheaper) booking for you to the same hotel. At the same time they will cancel the previous booking on behalf of you and its price will be refunded to your card.
  3. You will get a new booking confirmation. However, the search will continue and if you are really lucky, they will find you even more cheaper price.

Shortly, DreamCheaper is a re-booking agent that continuously tries to re-book your hotel cheaper.

Our Experiences and Review

We tested this innovative service when we travelled to Prague.

The original booking to My Hotel Apollon* (btw, good and cheap hotel) was made via on 14th March. The price was 138,15 euros for 3 nights and the booking was freely cancelable until the 1st of June.

On 5th April we got an email that DreamCheaper has found us a cheaper rate. The new rate was 130,10 euros (5,9 percent cheaper). We accepted their new proposal.

They cancelled our booking made via refunded money to our credit card. At the same time DreamCheaper made us a new booking with the cheaper rate by charging our credit card. A new hotel booking voucher was sent to us.

On 2nd June we arrived to the hotel with the new voucher. Everything went well and we hadn't any problems.

This time the saving wasn't so big, but there are chances for much bigger savings. DreamCheaper's service fee is 20 percent from the saved amount.

Final Words about Cheaper Travelling in Cheaper Hotels

If you consider trying DreamCheaper* it would be nice you to create DreamCheaper user account via our referral link. You will get 10 euros free credit. If you still don't have an existing booking, DreamCheaper recommends you to use for the first booking.

To use DreamCheaper, make an user account to DreamCheaper* via our link and get 10 euros free credit. Forward you existing hotel booking there. If you still don't have any hotel booking the first booking can be made for example at*.

Check also the second part of the Dreamcheaper Review.

Please share our article to your travelling friends. Remember also our tips for cheap hotel and flight bookings.

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