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Review: Five Pleasant Reasons to Fly with Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines Plane

Aegean Airlines is a Greece based airline which has a great on-board service. It flies from Athens to Helsinki and to many other destinations. Image courtesy of Aegean Airlines.

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Aegean Airlines - A Flying Greek

Aegean Airlines* is the biggest airline in Greece. It is a part of Star Alliance. It has three big hubs inside Greece and it flies to many destinations in Europe.

The airline has been founded in 1987 and it has an excellent safety rating. The fleet consists of short-haul planes and Aegean does not fly long-distance routes. Because the airline is based in the South Europe, it is not well-known in North Europe.

Our Itenarary of Reviewed Flights

We flew with Aegean Airlines from Barcelona to Helsinki via Athens. It was our first time on Aegean's plane and we were really positively surprised. Despite our economic plane tickets, boarding Aegean Airlines for the first time exceeded our expectations.

Because of our great experiences we decided to make this review about them. The review may sound extremely positive but only because we were really happy with the airline. It would not be considered a luck but many other passengers have had pleasant experience too. So we wanted to list the reasons why we rated them as 'excellent'.

The Route Network of Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines has a wide route network inside Europe. It flies almost to all big European capitals but some routes are seasonal. For example the route from Athens to Helsinki is operated only during spring and autumn. The good news is that flying with Aegean during summer time to and from other Southern European cities will make your vacation more enjoyable as you land to the famous most visited Greek cities such as Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu, and Crete .

What Makes Aegean Airlines Excellent?

Full Service On-board

Aegean Airlines is not asking money for every services provided on-board. Expect to get a warm meal and free drinks during your short international flight. The meals are tasty Greek food. In addition, they are serving also really good desserts. Flying with Aegean feels pleasant even in the economy class. Of course on-board entertainment is also provided.

There is only one airline in Europe that have chances to beat Aegean according to our opinion. Turkish Airlines has also full service on-board but we would say Aegean and Turkish are almost equal in matter of quality.

Reason 1: The ticket includes more services than many other airlines offer. Expect a delicious warm meal, dessert and candies during the flight.

Friendly Customer Service

On our flights, the staffs appeared to be happy and friendly. It is pretty obvious that they are rendering their services passionately. During our flights the services on-board has been catered by enthusiastic and professional crews. We could say this is closely related for the reason that people in South Europe posses very positive and cheerful attitude.

During our flight there were not any problems. All operations were smooth.

Reason 2: South European crew are really friendly despite of difficulties Greece has faced.

Stop-overs at Athens

It is easy to book Aegean Airlines flights so that you have one night stop-over in Athens. The stop-over does not increase the flight price so basically you get it free.

Greece is a cheap country so you will easily find a moderate price hotel for your one night stop-over. We stayed in President Hotel in Athens*. The airport is connected to the city center by metro so visiting Athens for one evening is easy and handy.

Reason 3: Get a free stopover. Book a cheap hotel in Athens' center and enjoy a delicious Greek Salad.

Excellent Flight Deals

The normal rates do not differ much from other airlines. Aegean airlines is not always the cheapest airline but prices are competitive.

However, Aegean Airlines have often great offers. Follow their marketing and you may find a very cheap flight from Helsinki to Greek Islands and also for their other routes.

Reason 4: By booking early you can enjoy amazing offers and get a really cheap flight from North Europe to Greek. Aegean Airlines has many cool destination on Greek Islands.

Great Miles Program

Aegean Airlines is a part of Star Alliance. They also have their own bonus system called Miles+Bonus.

Even though their own bonus system has often been rated really good, you can collect any Star Alliance miles like Lufthansa Miles&More points or SAS Eurobonus. Just choose the one that suits you the best.

Reason 5: Aegean Airlines pays well in bonus points. You can earn many points even when you fly on low fare tickets. Points can be credited to any Star Alliance bonus accounts. Check the up-to-date information on their web page if you are entitled to bonus points.

If you are planning to do Aegean travelling we recommend you to choose Aegean Airlines*. They are also a good option when you fly from the North Europe to the South Europe because Athens is a good connecting point. If we lived in the South Europe we would fly with them often. It is coo to enjoy the Greek hospitality.

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We paid our tickets ourselves and all opinions are our own. However, we are a partner of Aegean Airlines via an affiliate network.


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