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Athens is a beautiful city. By using the article tips you can visit also Athens cheaply especially outside the hot season.

Tips to Cheap Travelling

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Table of Contents

  1. Travelling Can Be Cheap
    1. Close Destinations Are Cheap Places to Travel
    2. The Price is Your Consultant
    3. Careful Comparison of Flight Prices Is Important
    4. Early Bird Catches the Worm
    5. Hotel Location
    6. Hotels Have Huge Discounts
    7. Flights and Hotels as a Packet
    8. Hidden Costs Occur Always
    9. Cheap Travelling May Have Luxury
    10. Safe and Fair Journey

Travelling Can Be Cheap

Earlier we have published the article Guide to Flight and Hotel Bookings. Many of our readers find it interesting and helpful, because people are wondering what is the cheapest way to travel. However for a beginning traveller, its content could have been too extensive. Hence, we decided to make a quick quide how to travel cheaply. By following our 10 steps, we would assure that you too are able to book an inexpensive holiday.

In this article we are referring to a few companies that we use ourselves. We have found these companies cheap and reliable. However, there are other good companies too and you may want to use your favourite ones.

Close Destinations Are Cheap Places to Travel

You don't have to travel far away. In other words, there is no need to travel from Europe to USA or to Australia just to relax or to gain new experiences. Surely it is often less stressful to travel somewhere near. Choosing an expensive destination like Paris or London may not be a good idea either. For example, in East Europe there are many cheap destinations. Everyone goes to London but only few people have seen Romania.

Tip 1: Head to inexpensive countries. For example, in East Europe there are many great and cheap destinations.

The Price is Your Consultant

When you have a tentative idea where to head, let the price to do the final decision where to travel and when. Avoid public holidays and weekends. Flight prices vary a lot depending on the seasons.

Tip 2: Use service* or similar. On the Skycanner choose Anywhere as the destination. By doing this you will get a list to where you could travel cheaply and when.

Careful Comparison of Flight Prices Is Important

Flight prices vary between different booking sites. The differences can be up to hundreds of Euros without any special reason. The cheapest flight often includes connecting flight/s and this gives you chance to hop from your origin to another city before arrival to your final destination.

Tip 3: Use service* also when doing the final booking. Look for the cheapest but still a decent option. The cheapest option often includes a flight connection. Head from Skyscanner to a booking site to finish the booking.

Early Bird Catches the Worm

Hotel and flight prices tend to increase when the travel date is approaching. There may be offers, but in average an early booker gets a cheaper rate. So, plan your journey a few months ahead of your journey.

Tip 4: Do the booking about 3 to 6 months before the travel date. Hotel prices vary more than flights. Firstly, book a flight and after that a hotel according to your convinience.

Hotel Location

If you plan to wander around the city, your hotel does not need to be in the downtown. It is more important that the hotel is well connected to the public transport system. Prefer a hotel outside the city center as they are often cheaper but choose one close to a metro station. You may also be surprised that dining costs outside the downtown are cheaper.

Tip 5: Don't be afraid of a suburban hotel. You will move anyway around the city. Staying outside the city center means a possibility to see "the real destination" and the price level of daily services will also be cheaper.

Hotels Have Huge Discounts

Hotel prices tend to vary more than flight prices between different booking sites. That's why you shouldn't use your favorite booking site. Probably it isn't the cheapest one.

Tip 6: Use service* or similar to compare hotel prices. According to our experiences this service gives really comprehensive view about hotel prices and you will end up to a cheap price. Forget the bonus programs of some hotel booking sites. Just choose the cheapest one.

Flights and Hotels as a Packet

On a private tour you buy flights and hotels yourself. It is however possible to book them via one single booking site. This way you get some discounts from the hotel price. Unfortunately the packet price is often more expensive than separately booked flights and the hotel from the cheapest providers.

Tip 7: Compare hotel and flight prices separately as we suggested in the previous tips. After that check how much the same flights and hotels would cost as a packet via a single provider. You may try for example Expedia*

Hidden Costs Occur Always

On the journey you will spend other things too. Taxis, food, drinks, airport transfers and similar things cost a lot. The total cost can easily be more than the flight and hotel costs of your trip.

Tip 8: Calculate hidden costs. Avoid expensive transport methods like taxis. Book long distance bus and train journeys early on the web and look for discounts. Avoid expensive tourist restaurants and dine like locals do. Visit free sightseeings. Avoid traditional sightseeings like TV towers.

Cheap Travelling May Have Luxury

Don't save yourself to be stressed. It is possible to make the travel budget really low but then the quality drops dramatically.

Tip 9: Remember that your trip is also your holiday and don't make yourself stressed. Saving is not meant to lower the quality unreasonably. Saving is at your hands just by doing decent choices. Give yourself also something special and visit an airport lounge like we often do. We have written many articles about airport lounges.

Safe and Fair Journey

Sometimes you will end up to problems during your journey. Baggage might be lost or stolen. Your flight may have been delayed or cancelled. Consequently, you may miss your onward connection.

Tip 10: Know your rights. Obtain a travel insurance and make backup plans. If the airline fails know how to claim your compensation..

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