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Review: Aspire Business Lounge in Helsinki Airport

Aspire Lounge

Aspire Lounge had a great choice of drinks.

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The Lounge

Aspire Lounge in Helsinki Airport is operated by Swissport. The lounge is so called 3rd party lounge and thus it is not operated by any airline. However it seems that at least Qatar Airways is offering an access to this lounge for its business class passengers in Helsinki Airport.

The lounge is located near gate 27 at the 3rd floor of the Helsinki Airport, Schengen area. Basically this is the lounge where you will end up if you are travelling with an economy ticket inside Europe and if you have a card to grant a lounge access. Of course accessing the lounge by payment upon entry is another option.

How to Access the Lounge? What Is the Price?

As mentioned previously, Qatar Airways Business class passengers are welcome to Aspire Lounge. For other customers, the easiest way to enter is to have Diners Club credit card or Priority Pass lounge card. For Finnish Diners Club holders, the price to enter the lounge is 19 euros. While the price varies based on card type among Priority Pass card holders. Priority Pass comes free with many credit cards but it can be also bought from their web page www.prioritypass.com. Read more from our (Finnish) article about accessing Helsinki airport lounges.

Other ways to get in is just to pay the normal price that is 48 euros (at the time of writing this article). You can also buy an access voucher with your Finnair plus points from Finnair Plus online shop.

If none of the above-mentioned ways to enter Aspire lounge is suitable for you, we recommend you to buy an access grant from British company Lounge Pass*. This is a cheaper option to get in rather than paying the normal price. You can also purchase an access to lounges in other airports. But remember to buy the voucher early enough to get cheaper rate.

Would you like to have more information about airport lounges. We have also written the Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges. Check it to learn the best ways to get in.

As lounges usually, also Aspire lounge is full inclusive. You don't have to pay more for using services inside so accessing the lounge is a good alternative for over-priced cafes at the airpot.

Environment and Catering in Aspire Lounge

When we visited the lounge the environment was peaceful and spacious. However this may change during busy hours. The lounge looked comfortable with a lot of tables and chairs to sit down. The view is not perfect because the lounge is located far from the tarmac windows. Despite of this, the inside atmosphere was relaxing.

Aspire Lounge in Helsinki Airport

During our visiting time the atmosphere in the lounge was really peaceful.

Catering during our visiting time was basic. The drink collection was good: juices, soft drinks, beer, wine and also strong alcohol to choose from. However the food choice was a small disappointment. Only light soup and some small snacks were available. But to be honest, other lounges in Helsinki airport are not any better.

The coffee machine was broken and according to the personnel, fixing would take many days. So it was impossible to get any special coffees. That was a surprise but we wish everything there is working well now.

Coffee machine in Aspire Lounge

No special coffee available in the lounge because the coffee machine was broken.

Our Rating


Comfort of the Lounge (excluding catering)


Customer Service

Overall Rating

Next time you fly out from Helsinki, think about an option to access this lounge instead of spending your money to crowded restaurants. If you own Diners Club card or Priority Pass this lounge is meant for you.

  • We recommend you to buy lounge vouchers from:
  • Lounge Pass*
  • Or from the lounge's own page

If you have not any travel plans yet remember our article how to book cheap flights on the internet.

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For more information about accessing lounges by Priority Pass or Lounge Pass, you will find them from our Priority Pass review.

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