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We collect on this page commercial tips for affordable services in the Helsinki area. These excellent tips are perfectly suitable for travellers in Helsinki who are looking for an enjoyable getaway. Tips are also helpful for residents in the Helsinki Region.

We have also enlisted a shop where you can find Finnish-related products.

The links on this page give us a small reward if their use leads to a purchase. We will try to put together equally links to the services we have discovered.

Food & Entertainment

Offerilla sells considerably high discounted products and services rendered by culturally-diverse restaurants, spas, salons and entertainment facilities in the Helsinki region. We use Offerilla on a regular basis because the products and services are usually reduced to about half of the original price which means a big savings. Offerilla is similar as the well-known Groupon.

It's a good idea to check Offerilla's special offers for restaurants, Flamingo Spa, various sports activities such as bowling, tennis or badminton. If you like escaping games, these offers are often found on Offerilla.

Visit Offerilla so that you can form your own opinion on the offers.

Finnish Shopping

Finnish Design Shop

Finnish Design is well-known in the world. You can find the finest design badges easily in stores in the downtown of Helsinki. However, if you do not want or can not visit the store relocation, products can also be ordered online on Finnish Design Shop*

They have a wide range of collections, and this Finnish store delivers products to international customers in several countries. Prices may not be that cheap but the quality of products are surely worth the price tags. You can easily find the designs you want also from their online shop and the products you purchase will be delivered to your home address.

Save time and effort by placing your order of Finnish design products online on Finnish Design Shop

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