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Sunset in Old Jaffa

While visiting Tel Aviv, remember to see Old Jaffa and enjoy a beautiful sunset there.

Practical Travel Tips in Israel

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 07/28/21 | August 19, 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Our Getaway to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  2. Before the Journey to Israel
    1. Select a Hotel Carefully
    2. Get a Mobile Roaming Solution
    3. Exchanging Israel Currency
  3. Arriving to Israel
    1. Immigration in Israel
    2. Airport Transfer
  4. Moving around Israel
    1. Taxis
    2. Buses
    3. Jewish Sabbath
  5. Our Picks for a Stay in Israel
    1. Tel Aviv Beaches
    2. Old Jaffa
    3. Jerusalem
    4. Dead Sea
    5. Flights to Kalia Beach
  6. Exiting Israel
  7. Bottom Line

Our Getaway to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

We had a holiday in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in May 2019. While the main purpose of the trip was to attend Eurovision Song Contest, we had also allocated a few days to do sightseeing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The weather in Israel was already warm in May so we were able to enjoy Tel Aviv's great beaches.

During our vacation, not all things happened smoothly and we faced some unclear things. In order to help our readers and future Israel travellers, we collected the most important practical tips for a smoother journey in Israel.

Before the Journey to Israel

As always before your journey, prepare carefully. The most important thing is to purchase a travel insurance. In a case of illness or accident, the healthcare in Israel may become expensive without a valid insurance and it is necessary to have a wide-covering travel insurance. You may get an instant and inexpensive quote from World Nomads.

Contact your own physician to confirm that you have all needed vaccines. It is also important to confirm that your passport and visa requirements are met. The best source of the immigration information is Embassy of Israel.

Select a Hotel Carefully

We were kind of surprised that hotels in Israel are pricey. To save some budget, we booked 3-star hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem but they were still expensive compared to their quality. Especially in Tel Aviv, the quality was low despite of the high price tag. In Jerusalem, our hotel had better amenities.

If you prefer to stay in a good quality hotel, prepare to pay a little more. Book at least a 4-star hotel which has many good reviews. One of the best sites to book hotels price is

Firealaem in the hotel

The fire alarm was taped in our hotel room. Also, electrical works in the bathroom looked dangerous for us. Hotels' quality is Israel may not always be good.

We do not want to mention our Tel Aviv's hotel's name because it was just bad. In Jerusalem, we stayed in Hashimi Hotel that was really worth the money. It was located inside Old Jerusalem, but it was still quiet and very clean. Be aware that Hashimi Hotel follows family values and an unmarried woman a and man can't stay in the same room.

Find a hotel you like on

The hotel lobby in Jerusalem

The Muslim operated hotel in Old Jerusalem was clean and comfortable.

Get a Mobile Roaming Solution

Mobile roaming in Israel is super expensive. There are many public WiFis available but in order to be able to use Google Maps and taxi applications everywhere, you need to be connected all the time. The best solution is to have a local SIM Card.

We used SIM to Israel procuct. It can be ordered online before the journey and you have two delivery options for the card. You may choose that the SIM card will be delivered to your home (international delivery accepted) or it will be delivered to your hotel in Israel. The best part is that, this SIM card's plan is really affordable and it has 30 GB data included. We were happy with this solution.

Exchanging Israel Currency

Israel has its own currency, Shekel. You may take dollars, euros or your own money with and change it in money exchange offices. However, we recommend you to use Curve card like we did. Curve offers free currency conversion and you can easily save 20-50 dollars during the journey while saving some of your time too.

Arriving to Israel

Most likely you are landing to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv if you intend to visit Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. There are many direct flights from all over the World to Tel Aviv and with one hop, you can reach Tel Aviv basically from anywhere.

Immigration in Israel

You may have heard that security measures in Israel are strict to protect the country against terrorism. It is wise to arrive to your departure airport early enough because passengers travelling to Israel may be inspected or even interviewed meticulously. Double check that you have your travel documents. Be ready for a few questions by the interviewer in Israel immigration and be prepared to prove your claims, for example, the purpose of your travel.

Policeman in Israel

In Israel, they are using much resources for guaranteeing people's safety.

Airport Transfer

Airports in Israel have public transport options. During Sabbath, they may not operate. For example, it is impossible to reach Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion Airport by a train or by a bus during Sabbath. Reaching Jerusalem by a shared taxi, Sherut may still be possible.

Escalators in Jerusalem Train Station

Jerusalem has a modern train station from where you can take an express train to Ben Gurion Airport.

If you are heading to Tel Aviv on Sabbath, a taxi is the best option. Uber is not popular in Israel but you may use their local similar system, Gett. It is also possible to take a taxi from the airport's taxi queue.

Moving around Israel

There is a well-working public transport system in Israel but buying a ticket may be a tough task. For example, not all buses accept cash payments.

You need to buy a public transportation card called Rav Kav. To move smoothly, this card is vital. Rav Kav cards can be bought from bus and train stations. You can top up money or daily passes to the card.

Rav Kav in Israel

Rav Kav is the public transport card in Israel.

It is also possible to buy Rav Kav in Ben Gurion Airport from the Public Transport Information Office located in the Terminal 3. Topping up the card is simple with the Rav Kav app but you need to be connected to the internet.


Uber is not widely available in Israel. Install a local taxi app, Gett to your phone. The rides will be metered, so you do not know the exact price before the journey but the app can calculate the fare correctly. The payment will be charged from your credit card so no need to hassle with money inside the car.

You may also hail a regular taxi and pay by cash. Be sure that the meter is on or agree the price beforehand.


To board a bus, you need the Rav Kav to pay a journey. Rav Kav can also be used in long distance buses. Many buses do not accept cash payments at all. However, if you do not have a ticket and no suitable payment methods, drivers may let you in without any ticket. That happened to us many times.

Jewish Sabbath

Public transport do no operate on Sabbath which actually begins on Friday evening and continues until Saturday evening. Prepare to move by walking or by a taxi these times. Shabbath really has a big effect in Israel.

Our Picks for a Stay in Israel

Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Aviv has many nice beaches and warm water during the summer. While visiting Tel Aviv, don't forget to enjoy the sun and the sea at least a few times.

The beach in Israel

Tel Aviv is known for its great beaches.

Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa in a historical area inside Tel Aviv. It is really different from Tel Aviv but it is still easily reachable by a local bus. We recommend you to spend one full day in Old Jaffa. There are many cosy restaurants with good food and many beautiful things to see.

The Jaffa Tower

The Jaffa Tower is one of the most important landmark of Old Jaffa.


Jerusalem is just 1 hour ride away from Tel Aviv . You can take a public bus from Tel Aviv's bus station to Jerusalem's bus station. In Jerusalem, there is a lot to see especially in the old town. Jews, Muslims and Christians live together and you will find many famous holy spots.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea can be reached easily from Jerusalem. Because Dead Sea is wide, we recommend you to head to the nearest beach from Jerusalem to save time. There is a beach called Kalia which is only a 60 minutes bus ride from Jerusalem. The beach is more than 400 meters below the sea level and it gets really hot during the summer!

Dead Sea in Israel

Dead Sea is actually a lake. Travellers usually enjoy mud soaking and floating here.

You can reach Kalia Beach with the bus number 486 from Jerusalem. Exit at Waterpark stop. Be sure that your Rav Kav has enough value to complete the return trip. The entrance fee to the beach area is 59 shekels for adults while 48 shekels for children and students and senior citizens, discounts to be availed only with a valid ID. In addition to the beach, you will find restaurants, a bar and a souvenir shop. You may want to pay the package upon admission that includes a lunch or massage.

A bus in Israel

A bus is the most practical way to travel from Jerusalem to Kalia Beach next to Dead Sea.

Flights to Kalia Beach

If you are just looking for flights to Kalia Beach to have a short visit, flying to Ben Gurion Airport is the best solution. From the airport, taking a train to Jerusalem takes only 30 minutes. From Jerusalem Train Station it is possible to continue to Kalia beach by the bus number 486.

Kalia beach is not a paradise but it is the lowest point on the earth. Spending a day there is a relaxing experience.

Exiting Israel

Arrive the airport at least 3 hours before the departure. There will be a mandatory interview and you may be asked many questions. Our tip is just to answer honestly. The interviewer may be provocative but just remain calm and provide consistent replies. Most likely, the interview may last only a few minutes.

The trains station in Jerusalem

If you fly out from Israel late in the evening like we did, be prepared that the last train connection from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport leaves at 21:30.

Finally, when we arrived at the airport early enough, we recommend to choose to have relaxing time at the airport lounge before our flights. We visited Dan Lounge.

Bottom Line

Having a holiday in Israel won't be cheap. With the right choices, you are able to keep the costs within your budget limits. Israel is not a cheap destination.

A train in Israel

We took the last train departing at 21:30 from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport.

With smart preparations, you'll have smoother journeys.

Do you have more Israel travel tips? Comment below about your experiences in Israel.

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