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Pride Flag
In the summer 2022, Helsinki will be full of Pride flags.

Helsinki Pride 2022: Tips for Visitors

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • April 07, 2022

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Helsinki Pride 2022

In the year 2022, Helsinki Pride will be a physical event just like before the pandemic. The pride week starts on June 27th and ends on July 3rd. The weather in Helsinki will already be warm and we would say this is the best season to visit Finland. Finland is well-known for respecting gender equality which makes Helsinki Pride an attractive event, especially for the LGBTQ community across the globe.

In this article, we summarize the most important Helsinki Pride 2022 information and we give tips for travellers from a local's point of view.


Helsinki Pride 2022 is a full month event but the traditional pride week starts on Monday, June 27th and ends on Sunday, July 3, 2022. The main celebration and the Pride Parade will be on Saturday, July 2,2022. There will be interesting programs every day and hot parties every night.


Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma near the central railway station will act as the Pride House. There will be many events on the 1st floor.

The location of Helsinki Pride's main party has not been announced yet. We guess it to be somewhere in downtown Helsinki in a well-known building. Helsinki centre is small so walking from one place to another is recommended. To make things practical, a hotel situated around Helsinki City Centre is a good choice. If the weather happens to be rainy, Helsinki's well-working public transportation network makes moving easier.

The main celebration will be on Saturday, 2nd of July. There will be a pride parade which starts from Senate Square at noon and ends in Kaivopuisto after one hour. The gathering starts already at 10.30 am. The parade´s route is 2.8 km long. In the park, participants will be having a picnic while enjoying free entertainment. Having your own drinks and snacks is allowed but you can also buy them on-premise.

In the evening, the official closing party will be held in Allas Sea Pool near the Helsinki market square. The party starts at 7 pm and lasts until 2 am. The ticket costs 25 euros which includes the entrance and the program. There are also a pool and saunas so we recommend trying the outdoor spa before the party starts. More information is available in our Helsinki Spa Guide.


This year, the theme of Helsinki Pride is meeting people. This is a very natural theme after the long pandemic. Everything has been virtual so it's nice to get back to normal. The pride will be a great place to meet new people in real life and enjoy the open atmosphere that the Pride community is creating. We expect this Pride to be more popular than ever.

LGBTQ Atmosphere in Finland

LGBTQ atmosphere in Finland is liberal. gender equality has developed far and LGBTQ members are widely accepted by Finnish society. For example, gay people can marry each other. Gay couples have also successfully adopted infants in Finland.

Is Helsinki Safe?

Helsinki is generally a safe city but still, you need to be careful. There have been some pickpocketing incidents, especially in Helsinki Centre during summertime. You should also avoid walking alone through dark parks because violent crimes may happen even though they are not common. Traffic culture in Helsinki is safe so either driving a car or using public transport is safe.

The most important thing is that you can trust the police if something unpleasant happens. They are genuinely ready to assist you. Call hotline 112 in case of emergencies. Being a part of the LGBTQ community does not increase significantly your risk level to be involved in hate crimes while in Finland.

Weather During the Pride

Visitors may be wondering how is Helsinki's weather in July? We would like to give a simple answer but the truth is that no one knows for sure.

The summer in Helsinki starts officially in late May but the weather stays still moderately unstable. Visitors may expect day temperatures from 15 to 35 centigrades. Nights are a little cooler but not cold. It may be rainy or sunny - the weather type may even change every day. Natural waters are about 20 centigrade so July is the best season to swim outdoors like in one of many lakes around Helsinki. Visiting Helsinki's heated outdoor pools is a great substitute if the natural water feels too cold.

As the summer is the best season in Finland, the hotel and hostel prices are more expensive than in winter. A good way to save is to book accommodation early.

Helsinki Pride Events 2022

You will the Helsinki Pride program on the official Pride 2022 Events website. Unfortunately, not all information has been translated to English.

Helsinki Gay Pride for First-timers

You may be visiting Helsinki Gay Pride for the very first time. Summer is the best time to enjoy Nordic capitals when the days are long and the weather is warm. Helsinki is a lively destination so why not spend the whole week here instead of only a short parade weekend.

The easiest way to arrive in Helsinki is to fly. Helsinki Airport is 18 kilometres from the Helsinki centre. It is also possible to arrive to Helsinki by a ferry from Tallinn or Stockholm. We recommend reading our Helsinki Stopover Guide to get practical information about visiting Helsinki.

Getting to the Venue

Helsinki downtown is relatively small but if you stay further, public transportation takes you to the events. Helsinki area's public transport system has been divided into zones A, B, C and D. You must select at least two different zones for a ticket. Zones AB is enough for the whole of Helsinki but Helsinki Airport is located inside zone C. In other words, from the airport to the city centre you will need a ticket for zones ABC. A single ticket for the said zones costs less than 5 euros.

The same public transport ticket is valid for buses, trams, local trains and the Suomenlinna ferry. Public transport tickets are not valid for long-distance trains even though they may stop in many Helsinki area stations. Be sure to take a commuter train (marked with a single letter) if you have a zone ticket. Single tickets are valid 90 minutes after the validation and when the ticket expires you can still finish your ongoing journey. The penalty for travelling without a validated ticket is 80 euros. Ticket inspections in public transport have been intensified recently.

On buses, you need always to validate the ticket or show it to the driver. In other transportation methods, it is not necessary.

Only thing what we recommend is to download HSL App to buy public transport tickets. The app is really handy and functional with its recent updates. After downloading the app, just provide your basic personal information and your payment card and then you are ready to buy your tickets. You should purchase a day ticket (1-7 days) depending on your needs as is it cheaper than buying single tickets many times. Mobile roaming in the EU area is cheap but if you have a non-EU SIM on your phone, you may buy a local prepaid SIM Card for example from R-kiosk. One of them is located inside Helsinki Airport's Terminal 2 on the arrival floor. Don't expect tickets to be sold inside public transport carriers.

Moving Around by Taxi

We recommend reading our Helsinki Airport Taxi Guide. It describes not only Helsinki Airport's taxi connections but information about taxi apps in Helsinki. Unfortunately, riding with a taxi is not cheap but with the right app you can save money.

Taxi prices are not regulated in Finland, and so choosing a random one may bring you a huge bill.


Staying in a hotel in Helsinki centre does not take you to bankruptcy but it is not cheap either. Airbnb and hostels are good alternatives for budget travellers.

We recommend comparing hotel prices on It is one of the best booking sites to find affordable hotel deals with good booking conditions.

Saving Tips for Budget Pride Visitors

Maybe you are hesitating whether to visit Helsinki Pride because of high costs? To save money, we give a few useful saving tips. Flying in Helsinki is not always the cheapest option. It is also possible to fly to Turku and Tampere and take a public transport, for example a train ride to Helsinki. There are low-cost flights by Wizz Air and Ryanair to the nearby cities.

In Helsinki, staying on Airbnb is also a recommended option. If you prefer cheaper hotels, looking for one in Leppävaara, Otaniemi, Tikkurila or Airport region is a good choice. These areas are connected with a fast rail connection to the Helsinki centre. There are also hostels in Helsinki.

Restaurants in Helsinki are pricey but remember tipping in restaurants is not expected. Having an Airbnb with cooking facilities is a wise choice. One way to save while staying in Helsinki is to prepare your food instead of frequent dining out.

Bottom Line

Helsinki is a lively and safe city. The weather is not always the nicest so expect anything between cool rain and hot sunshine. The price level in Helsinki is high compared to many other European countries, but the price level in Helsinki is still lower than its neighbouring Scandinavian capitals. We recommend planning your Helsinki Pride visit early to save some money. The summer is absolutely the best time to visit Helsinki! At the same time, we strongly recommend visiting nearby summer destinations like Porvoo or having a cruise to Tallinn or Stockholm.

Will you be visiting Helsinki Pride 2022? Comment below.

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