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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Prepare Early

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • April 07, 2022

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Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) has taken place every single year since 1956. Year by year, ESC has become a more popular event so attendees need to prepare well ahead of time. To successfully attend the contest, visitors need to start planning as soon as the previous winner has been pronounced.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Many facts about Eurovision Song Contest 2023 remain unknown. This does not prevent from making plans but educated guesses are necessary.


There are three probable schedules for ESC 2023.

  • Second week of May: 8.5.2023 - 14.5.2023
  • Third week of May: 15.5.2023 - 21.5.2023
  • Fourth week of May: 22.5.2023 - 28.5.2023

The week to be chosen depends on many things. For example, the venue must be free and public holidays of the destination country may affect the dates. So it is good to keep all the previously mentioned weeks free in the calendar as long as the dates have been not confirmed.

Normally, the first semi-final will be on Tuesday, the second on Thursday and the grand final on Saturday. Reherseal shows will be one day earlier and there is also a family show on Saturday before the final.

City and Venue

Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song called Stefania. Ukraine announced immediately that they will host ESC 2023 in their country. However, after the EBU's evaluation, the outcome was that the country is not safe enough.

As a second option, EBU started a discussion with BBC to host Eurovision 2023. It is now confirmed the ESC 2023 will be held in the UK. There are a few cities which fulfil the requirements.

Because there was a reasonable chance that ESC 2023 will be held in Kyiv, we already made a few refundable hotel bookings to Kyiv. After Ukraine was excluded, we cancelled the bookings.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place in a big city in the chosen country. Usually, that city is the capital of the country but another big city is also a possible location. The city must have a big international airport nearby and a suitable venue for the event. In smaller countries, there are only a few suitable alternatives or even maybe only one. To guess the right city and venue you need to find information about the cities and venues in the destination country. The hotel prices during the ESC can be even 200 per cent more expensive than normal. To save money, it is advisable to prebook refundable options from for all probable combinations and cancel them one by one when more information is available.

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Preparation Tips for ESC 2023

Proven Strategy

We have used an early booking strategy many years in a row with good results. Right after the winner has been declared, we booked hotels quickly in anticipation of the Eurovision Song Contest of the succeeding year. Usually, we have made 5 to 10 refundable hotel bookings and cancelled them after a few months except for our final choice for accommodation. We expect to have got booked our hotels 50% to 70% cheaper compared to people who have booked them later. This time, there was more uncertainty than normal but we still followed our traditional strategy.

Booking a Hotel

Accommondation is the first thing you need to secure after you know or guess the destination city. The hotels will be sold out fast or their prices will get high. Booking early is the only way to get affordable stays in good-quality hotels or hostels.

It is recommended to book a hotel or hostel even before the final location is declared or after that. We recommend making educated guesses about where Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be held and what are the dates. Bookings for all possible date combinations are necessary. When the dates and venue have been confirmed, all unnecessary bookings must be cancelled.

We recommend using to find hotels, hostels or home accommodation. It is important to confirm that the bookings are refundable without a penalty because some of the bookings need to be cancelled later. To save money, the hotels that are not asking for prepayments are good choices. Otherwise, a lot of money will be charged temporary from a credit card.

Finding Flights

It is difficult to find affordable refundable flights so there is no need to hurry with the flight bookings. Only after the venue and dates have been confirmed, it's time to make flight bookings. However, we advise comparing flight routes already earlier. It is not always the cheapest option to fly to the nearest big airport but a smaller airport further served by low-cost airlines combined with ground transportation maybe become a lot cheaper. The travel time will be more but this way you can save a lot.

We recommend reading our tips for finding cheap flights. Skyscanner is our favourite flight comparison tool.

Tickets to Eurovision Song Contest

Getting tickets to Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is the most difficult part of the preparation. The grand final tickets will be sold out fast so you need to think in advance if you are happy with tickets only to only semi-finals or rehearsal shows. These tickets are not only cheaper but also their demand is lower.

It is advisable to follow the official Eurovision Song Contest communication channels to know when the ticket sale opens. Typically, the ticket sale opens between November and December but the sale is made in multiple batches.

Eurovsion Song Contest 2017
In 2017, Eurovision Song Contest was held in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Every batch will be sold out fast so you need to be ready to access the sales platform immediately when it opens. In the earlier years, the platforms had a queuing system and customers have been assigned a random queuing number. The lucky ones have got a small number in the queue and they have been able to purchase tickets before they have been sold out. To increase your chances to get a good enough queuing number, we recommend using many devices and browsers in incognito mode. Friends may help you.

Tickets costs from 10 to 300 euros depending on the show.

Eurovision Fan Clubs

Every year, European Broadcasting Union (EBU) allocates a certain number of Eurovision Song Contest tickets to national fan clubs. If you are a member of a club, your chances to get a ticket are remarkably higher. Usually, a ticket packet gives you access to all the shows but resale is forbidden. Follow the communication channels of your local fan club.

Tickets Sold Out

It is more than probable that you do not get a ticket to your favourite show. Especially, if your target is to get a ticket to the grand final, be warned that there is usually more demand than tickets available. We recommend you to consider also jury and family shows. Attending the ESC does not mean just visiting a few hours of the event itself but the host city will be full of other free and paid events too. Don't be too disappointed if you can't get tickets to the show.

Bottom Line

Shortly said, Finnoy Travel's important preparation strategy when attending Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is to be one step ahead of others. Do your bookings before the prices get up. You should remember every time, the higher the demand, the greater the prices will be. Book things also in the right order: First accommodation; then the event ticket, and finally the flights. Following these steps, it will lead to good preparation for ESC 2023. You will also save a huge portion of your travel budget while attending this world's most popular song contest event.

Are you attending Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Comment below!

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