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Kiev as a Travel Destination

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 07/13/19)
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We visited Kiev for Eurovision Song Contest in May 2017. It was 5 years after our previous visit and we noticed immediately that the city has developed much. We do recommend you to consider Ukraine as your next destination.

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EU Roaming Charges and Mobile Subscriptions

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 03/07/18)
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Do you know that there won't anymore be mobile roaming charges in the EU area in 15th June. Not all pre-paid subscriptions are functioning abroad so it could be time to consider post paid subscription now. Overall, they can also become cheaper for you.

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Travel Tips for Safe and Cheap Vacation in Spain

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 04/06/19)
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Vacation is meant to be enjoyed. Along the journey however there are things that could ruin your dreamed trip if you aren’t aware of certain things. In this article we would like to present practical tips about how to make your travel to Spain more pleasant.

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FINLAND: From A Filipino Expat’s Perspective

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 10/11/19)
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Being an expat in Finland is an eyes-opening experience. However, coming from a totally different culture from a tropical country, the change is big. It takes time to adapt the Finnish lifestyle. Read how our Filipino contributor felt his move from the warm and crowded country to the peaceful North. In the article he describes the differences between Finnish and Filipino culture and his experiences about Finnish life.

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Views from Dubai

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 04/06/19)
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This time we are not writing about Finland but about a popular holiday destination for Finns. We collected a few photos about popular spots in Dubai.


Feel the Nordics

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 04/06/19)
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For many people Nordic countries may sound exotic. You can find much snow and see northern lights during the winter. In the summer it is possible to explore bright summer nights and do hiking in untouched nature. However, planning a trip is full of questions. We collected some basic information about visiting the Nordics.

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