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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Checklist

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 07/13/19 | March 28, 2019
Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Eurovision Song Contest has millions of fans.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Yes, we know! Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel is just over and The Netherlands was pronounced as the winner. Congratulation to The Netherlands' Duncan Laurence who paved waved way to claim back the Eurovision crown for his country after 40 years since the country's last win. Singing his winning ballad piece titled Arcade, it outpointed the other 25 competitors and this was witnessed by tens of millions of televiewers worldwide. Now it is time to prepare for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. This big event, Eurovision Song Contest has taken place every single year since 1956. This just means Eurovision is very much popular event that attendees need good preparation ahead of time. For the convenience of our readers, we created this short checklist highlighting important preparation tips.

When Is the Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

No one knows yet when exactly is the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (ESC 2020) will be held but we list the most probable days:

  • From May 4th to May 10th 2020
  • From May 11th to May 17th 2020
  • From May 18th to May 24th 2020

For many years in a row, the ESC has been scheduled in the middle of May. The exact event week for ESC will be finally determined considering first the other events that are happening in the host city.

Usually semi-finals are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the grand final is on Saturdays. Rehearsal shows are typically arranged a day before the live broadcast show. If you plan to attend Eurovision Song Contest 2020, keep these above-mentioned weeks free in your calendar.

Where Will Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Be Held?

The Netherlands which is one of the pre-event and consistent favorites has won the Eurovision Song Contest finals, earning the country the right to host next year's ESC 2020.

Knowing or estimating early enough the venue of ESC 2020 gives you a valuable benefit. You can book your accommodation for much more affordable price. Now when the Netherlands has been pronounced as the winner, it is time to start booking hotels for next year's Eurovision Song Contest. Find in which cities the biggest arenas in The Netherlands are located in the and book hotels in these cities. That means you need to book hotels in many destinations and for a few different date options. No worries needed for as long as the bookings are refundable, you can cancel them later without extra costs.

We are estimating the event to be hosted in Amsterdam because this capital city of The Netherlands has the best flight connections and suitable arenas. There are other city options too but many of them do not have suitable arenas.

The hotel prices in Amsterdam have already skyrocketed but in many other cities in the Netherlands the hotels are still reasonable priced. For example, we booked hotels from Rotterdam that is about 100kms from Amsterdam. Our plan is to visit the Eurovision final from Rotterdam by train or car and explore other parts of the Netherlands during the same trip.

We have used this booking strategy many years in a row with good results. Right after the winner has been declared, we have booked hotels quickly in anticipation for the next ESC of the succeeding year. Usually, we have booked 5 to 10 refundable hotel bookings and cancelled them after a few months except our final choice for accommodation. We expect to have got our hotels 50 to 70% cheaper compared to people who have booked them later.

Don't just randomly book hotels but do wise planning by using our tips.

Recommended Booking Sites

A great place to book refundable hotels is booking.com*. Another great tool which Finnoy Travel often use is hotelscombined.com* that finds the cheapest booking sites fast and easily. Wherever you book, make sure there is no cancellation penalty. Read the booking terms carefully and keep personal accounting when the hotels need to be cancelled.

Check hotel prices in Amsterdam.
Check hotel prices in Rotterdam.
Check hotel prices in The Hague.
Check hotel prices in Utrecht.


So far, there is no point to plan flights to Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Having tentative accommodation options/bookings is more important and hence must be prioritized! You can book flights later this year when the location has been confirmed and you have secured accommodation there.

The best flight prices (the cheapest ones) are normally non-refundable so flights should be booked ONLY after the host city and event dates have been confirmed. Of course, if you intend to fly in the business class, the tickets will have better conditions.

How to Get Tickets to ESC 2020?

Likewise, up to this moment, there is no need to worry about tickets for ESC 2020. The ticket sale will probably start between November 2019 and February 2020. Ticket prices will most likely start from 50 euros for rehearsal shows and a few hundreds euros to the grand final. The bigger the selected arena is, the lower the prices will be. For example, in 2019 the tickets for Eurovision were more expensive than they usually have been but we expect them to be much cheaper in The Netherlands. For example in Israel, the Expo during rehearsal shows had many free seats because of the high ticket prices.

What if the ticket will be sold out? That is more than probable. If you target to get final tickets, be warned that there are usually more demands than tickets available. We recommend you to consider also rehearsal shows. Attending the ESC does not mean just visiting a few hours this event itself but the host city will be full of other free and paid events too. Don't be too disappointed if you can't get tickets to the show.

Bottom Line

Shortly said, Finnoy Travel's important preparation strategy when attending ESC next year is, Be one step ahead of others. Do your bookings before the prices get up (before the pronouncement of winner so keep well-track of the ESC event updates). You should remember every time, the higher the demand, the greater the prices will be. Book things also in the right order: First, accommodation; then the event ticket, and finally the flights. By following such steps, it will lead you to a good preparation for ESC 2020. It other words, by following our recommendation, you would save huge portion of your travel budget while attending this world's most popular song contest event.

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  1. It's very unlikely to be May 4th to May 10th 2020 as 4th of May is National Remembrance Day & 5th of May is Liberation Day throughout the Netherlands [That week sees many 75th Anniversary events through Europe in commemoration of VE Day] // Most likely dates are with the Final on 17th or 24th of May


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