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Melbourne gives you multiple options to spend a healthy holiday. Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash.

Healthy Travel Guide: Melbourne

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  • January 20, 2019

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If you’re a traveler who always likes to keep your health and wellness levels in check while exploring new places, you could do far worse than head to Melbourne. This is a city that will make life very easy for you in that regard; it is also a city that loves to offer visitors novel experiences that they won’t find anywhere else. This can be seen in the activities on offer, in the extra efforts some hotels have gone to, and the unique themes and dishes present in health conscious restaurants.

Melbourne is absolutely full of healthy eateries, as well as exercise activities and fitness centres offering a diverse array of classes. Whether you want to work out in the great outdoors with others, try out a previously unheard style of yoga, or sweat it out in a disco-style spin class. You are sorted in Melbourne if you love a green smoothie or a superfood-laden Buddha bowl. If relaxation and pampering are on your agenda, again… head for Melbourne.

This guide will give you a few ideas on where to start your healthy holiday in this vibrant city:

Healthy Eating in Melbourne

Barry Food & Coffee

If you’re looking for a nutrient-rich breakfast to kick start a busy day, Barry Food & Coffee is the place for you. Kings of presentation, these guys go all out to produce aesthetics that match their excellent flavours. A firm favourite for those on plant-based diets is the cacao porridge with almond milk, or the gorgeous chia seed pudding. It’s a great stop off even if you only want a coffee, which is of the same calibre as the food.


Nosh has a mission: to turn a food experience into a blissful experience, and so far they’re doing a great job. Their menu creations are made up of only the finest, freshest, locally sourced produce; their warm and hospitable service combines nicely with the light and refreshing décor to bring you a very pleasant mealtime. Nosh is a health food restaurant with a wonderful menu of Japanese-influenced dishes, including items like Nori Tacos and signature ‘poke bowls’, and pretty much everything is as delicious as it is healthy.

Boost Juice

Boost Juice on Elizabeth Street does what it says on the tin. This long-standing chain are professionals who always come up with delicious, healthy smoothies and juices, but that’s not all. Their banana bread is to die for, and if you need a pre-workout boost, give one of their protein balls a try… whereas post workout visits might warrant a sandwich wrap.

Exercise Activities in Melbourne

Spin Your Heart Out

Spinning has to be one of the best ways to burn calories and fat fast. This high intensity class will have you sweating out all the toxins and pushing yourself to the limit, and that usually results in total exhilaration!

When in Melbourne, head over to Bodhi and Ride and sign up for their Ride-45 spin class. This won’t be a studio like you’ve seen before… they’ve gone all out in terms of style, and the classes match. Your instructor is going to be high-energy to say the least, and the music selection makes it feel like party time. They’ve even thrown some strobes into the décor, just to be sure! Don’t be surprised if your instructor incites a dance off… these guys know how to have fun while they work out!

Smash Up a Room

You heard it right… and this is almost guaranteed to be a novel way of working out. Melbourne has a venue called Break Room, and the name hints at the activities within. Turn up here and you’ll be handed a baseball bat and directed to a room where you have one goal, and one goal only: smash everything to bits.

This may seem a little aggressive, but Break Room is all about catharsis, fun and breaking into a sweat. Whatever you’ve got on your chest, this is the place to get it off - and get a great workout while you’re at it. All those times you felt like smashing up a load of crockery or glasses but knew you’d regret it… well this time there will be no regrets!

Yoga in the Sky

Again, this is a novel way to maintain health and fitness and will add to the ‘trip’ experience for sure! It’s unlikely that you’ve ever done a yoga class in the sky, so now’s your chance… doing the downward dog in the pod of a big wheel while gazing out across the Melbourne skyline can’t fail to exhilarate. Yoga in the Sky on the Melbourne Star Wheel offer yoga sessions in a private pod that makes two full cycles in an hour-long class, giving you epic city views to complement your workout.

Relaxation Time in Melbourne

Float Your Way to Health and Wellness

Floatation pods are a pretty big deal here in Melbourne, and so they should be… one session in a floatation pod will leave you feeling light as a feather. Famed for promoting focus and clarity while easing away stresses and fears, floatation pods are a great way to reset the mind and body at once.

Essentially, you’re in a sensory withdrawal chamber, which should put you in a deep meditative state. Users often report pain relief, so book an appointment with a floatation centre like Elevation Floatation Centre if you’ve got any aches and pains niggling at you.

Pamper Yourself at Onsen Ma Japanese Bathhouse

Onsen Ma knows all about relaxation. Relaxing in a Japanese bath not only cleanses the body but also refreshes and relaxes the mind. The Japanese bathhouse will calm the kokoro (spirit or heart), so it works wonders for your physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

While you’re here, why not indulge in a blissful shiatsu massage, or another of the enticing treatments on their menu? They have a full range of spa treatments on offer to make sure your wellness experience is as perfect as can be.

Meditate at Happy Melon

Get your peace on at Happy Melon in Armadale, a beautiful fitness menu with a whole host of activities on the menu, all of which are aimed at improving your life. They run great meditation classes every day of the week, so book in, turn up and prepare to journey inward. You might also fancy a yoga or pilates class, but they’re equally as popular to book ahead.

Where to Stay in Melbourne

The Intercontinental Hotel

A stay at the Intercontinental Hotel is a real treat in every way, especially if you’re into health and wellness. The décor is phenomenal… we think you’ll agree that the grand AF 19th century gothic façade is to die for. On the 10th level, there is a quality indoor pool for you to take a dip in, and there’s a gym that floods with natural light when you want to get a workout. This gem came recommended The Hammock Hombre, Sam Ross, who we feel we are now forever indebted to!

The rooms are exquisite and comfortable, and you’ll find a lovely fruit platter in your room on arrival. Breakfast is full of healthy options, with avocado smash on the menu and a juice bar at your disposal. There’s a spa in case you need a massage or beauty treatment too. In short, you can’t lose.

The Larwill Studio

It would be rude not to mention The Larwill Studio, which was voted Melbourne’s best hotel on TripAdvisor. This place has one main goal: to treat you like a king or queen. Health and wellness is their top priority, so you can expect some lovely little touches such as a yoga mat and yoga TV channel in your room, as well as a set of art materials to get the creative juices flowing.

Hit the onsite gym or join one of their free exercise classes, and when you’re hungry, dip into the mini bar; all you’ll find in there is healthy produce and snacks! Everything about The Larwill Studio is inviting and appealing, from the stylish décor to all their sustainable practices and furnishings. Enjoy your stay.

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