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Helsinki Airport Taxi Guide

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 11/29/19 | December 10, 2018
Lahtitaksi lane at Helsinki Airport terminal 2

Helsinki Airport's both terminals have their own taxi station. The stations have 5 lanes for different taxi companies. The lane 1 is reserved for the Lähtitaksi company.

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Finnish Taxi System
  2. The Price Level of Taxis in Finland
  3. Are Taxis Safe in Finland?
  4. Taxi from Helsinki Airport to City Center?
    1. Lane 1: Lähitaksi
    2. Lane 2: Vantaan Taksi
    3. Lane 3: Taksi Helsinki
    4. Lane 4: Any Taxi
    5. Lane 5: Pre-ordered Taxis
  5. A Bonus Company: Airport Taxi
  6. Taxi Apps in Finland
    1. Uber
    2. Bolt (Taxify)
    3. Yango
    4. Fixutaxi
    5. Menevä
    6. Kyyti
    7. Other Taxi Apps
  7. Other Transport from Helsinki Airport to City Centre
    1. How to Get from Helsinki Airport to City Centre without Taxis?
    2. Helsinki Airport Train
    3. Airport Buses
  8. Which Taxi Would Be The Best Option?
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Prices We Have Paid Ourselves
    2. A Pre-booked Taxi: Convenient and Fast
  10. Final words

Overview of Finnish Taxi System

Taking a taxi has always been one the most reliable way to travel in Finland. Finnish taxis are safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, as always, good quality comes with a high tag price.

Just this year, the taxi law in Finland has changed. Before July 2018, obtaining a taxi license from the government was somehow challenging and the government had also set a limit for taxi tariffs. That meant that you always knew beforehand how much your taxi ride will (maximally) cost. As a consequence of these limitations, it was difficult to find a free taxi during busy hours. For now, there is not anymore any kind of limits for the total number of taxis operating and getting a taxi license is also much easier. Furthermore, the prices are not anymore regulated. Shortly said, getting a taxi is now a lot easier, but the quality and prices by different taxi companies may vary much one from each other.

Just looking for any reliable taxi? Book a pre-paid ride from the airport to anywhere in Helsinki area on Taxi2Airport. The price lies between 30 and 50 euros.

At the end of the article, we tell shortly about other public transportation options from Helsinki Airport.

The Price Level of Taxis in Finland

Taxis in Finland are not cheap at all as previously mentioned. After the law changed, many companies have started using dynamic pricing. During the busy hours, taxi fares can be surprisingly expensive but during other hours there may be cheap offers. So you must be careful how much your ride will cost. It would be wise to learn beforehand about the fare not to get surprised after your journey.

Almost all taxes accept cash payments and also Visa and Mastercards. Better taxis will also accept Diners Club and American Express payment cards. By using certain taxi apps it is possible to pre-pay a journey. See our taxi apps introduction later in this article.

Are Taxis Safe in Finland?

Taxis in Finland are safe. Drivers have decent driving habits and you can trust them. They are not overcharging or making any kind of frauds. Also, passengers need not to offer them tips.

Drivers speak at least basic English but usually they are not talkative. There is no need to get worried about communicating with him/her in Finnish.

Taxi from Helsinki Airport to City Center?

After the article's introduction, you might be wondering how much your ride from Airport to the city center will cost. Luckily, Helsinki Airport has agreed a clear system with taxi companies. This means that getting a taxi and making an estimate on its cost is easy. The airport has agreed fixed prices from the airport to Helsinki Center with three different taxi companies, so you know beforehand how much your journey costs. However, you may choose to take a ride from taxi companies other than these three. If this is the case, you do not know the estimated fare because it fully depends on their own pricing model.

There are 5 taxi lanes in front of the Terminal 1 and in the underground of the Terminal 2 at Helsinki Airport. Three lanes have been reserved to the partner companies of Helsinki Airport and the 4th lane has been reserved to any taxi. It is also possible to order your own taxi, say Uber.

Helsinki Airport taxi station

The taxi stations of Helsinki Airport have 5 lanes. Every lane is reserved for different type of taxis.

We introduce you the 5 different taxi lanes at Helsinki Airport. In the Terminal 1 the lanes are outside the terminal building in the way that the lane number 1 is close to the terminal and the lane number 4 the furthest one. The lane 5 is separated a little left from the other lanes.

In the Terminal 2 the taxi station is not anymore outside but in the underground. The taxi station is easy to find just by following taxi signs inside the terminal to the parking hall. The lanes are in different order than in the Terminal 1 so when looking for a specific taxi company you need to follow the signs. Like in the Terminal 1, the lane 5 (pre-booked taxis) has been separated a little left from the other lanes.

Helsinki Airport taxi station

The taxi station in the Terminal 2 has moved to the parking hall. It can easily be found just by following TAXI signs.

Check maps on Helsinki Airport's website to find your taxi station and the right lane.

Lane 1: Lähitaksi

The first lane has been reserved for the cars of Lähitaksi. Lähitaksi is a reputable taxi company and guarantees you a safe journey wherever you will go. Its prices are the following:

  • Price to the center (1 - 4 people): 39 euros
  • Price to an airport hotel (less than 5 km, 1 - 4 people): 25 euros
  • Full price list

Lane 2: Vantaan Taksi

The second lane has been reserved for Vantaan taksi (The Taxis of Vantaa). However, you can take this taxi to anywhere so the destination does not need to be in Vantaa. Also this company is really reliable. Its prices are the following:

  • Price to the Helsinki center (1 - 4 people): 43 euros
  • Price to an airport hotel (less than 5 km, 1 - 4 people): 23 euros
  • Full price list
Taxi Sign

If you do not remember which lane is meant for your taxi, you can refer to this taxi sign.

Lane 3: Taksi Helsinki

The third lane has been reserved for Taksi Helsinki. Like with the previous companies, this lane is a safe choice. Its prices are the following:

  • Price to the Helsinki center (1 - 4 people): 41 euros
  • Price to an airport hotel (less than 5 km, 1 - 4 people): 24 euros
  • Full price list

Lane 4: Any Taxi

The lane 4 is a surprise lane. Any licensed taxi can arrive to this lane and the quality can be anything like the price too. So if you choose this lane, ask about the price from the driver before taking the ride. If you do not like the quality of the car or the price, just skip the taxi and take next one. We believe that all taxis coming to this lane are safe and reliable but the risk level is a little increased. You may end up having much cheaper ride, or the other possibility, to end up paying a high fare for a short ride.

For example, we were taking a ride to home that would cost about 40 euros by using Airport's partner companies. We chose a taxi from the lane 4 and asked its price. The price started from 45 euros but we were able to negotiate it to 35 euros easily. When there are more taxis available than customers, choosing the lane 4 is a good option. You may easily negotiate a good deal.

Lane 5: Pre-ordered Taxis

This lane is reserved for pre-ordered taxis. If you are a fan of Uber or another similar company, your taxi will arrive here.

Notice that in the Terminal 1 this lane is separated a little left. In the Terminal 2 pre-booked taxis will come to pick you from parking places a little left too.

A Bonus Company: Airport Taxi

There is also a company called Airport Taxi Yellow Line, that offers fixed priced shared rides to Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. The prices start from 19,50 euros depending on the number of passengers and your destination. This is a shared taxi service so the ride may take longer. Check the full price list from their web page.

Airport Taxi has not its own lane but you will find their office in the arrival areas of the terminals. This service is good for solo travellers who are not in a hurry.

Taxi Apps in Finland

There are many taxi ordering apps in Finland.


The number on the list is the famous taxi app Uber. If you order Uber to pick you up from the airport, you will be picked up from the taxi lane 5.

Uber rides are legal in Finland and Uber drivers need a license so you can expect a professional and safe driver with an insured car.

Uber is not much cheaper from Helsinki Airport to the center. We made a test price query (7.12.2018) from the airport to the center for Friday afternoon and its price was 42 euros.

Install Uber app from here.

Bolt (Taxify)

Bolt (earlier Taxify) is an Estonian taxi company. They have just started in Finland and they may have not many taxis available yet. The company has a reputation for charging cheap taxi fares at least in Baltic countries like Estonia and Latvia but we can't guarantee that their services cost little in Finland. We recommend you to install their app and check their prices when needed.

Bolt taxis will pick you up from the taxi lane 5 at the airport.

Our test query (7.12.2018) from the airport to Helsinki Center showed the price of 27 euros but no taxis were available.

Install Bolt app from here.


Yango is also a new taxi ordering app from Yandex company. They have a reputation being a cheap company and installing their app is recommended. The company comes from Russia and there has been discussion about the privacy level of their app. Because the app is new in Finland, they may not have many cars yet.

Yango taxis will also pick you up from the lane 5.

Our test query (7.12.2018) from the airport to Helsinki Center showed that no cars available.

Install Yango app from here.


Fixutaxi is a Finnish taxi company. They have a nice app and you should check their price too. The taxis are reliable and they have a fixed rate (10 euros) within the Helsinki center outside the busy hours.

Fixutaxi cars will also pick you from the lane 5 at the airport.

Our test query (7.12.2018) from the airport to center on Friday afternoon showed the price of 35 euros.

Install Fixutaxi app from here.


Menevä is a company that is offering taxi services in Helsinki and also in many other Finnish cities. They have an app that is called the same as their company, Menevä. The app is well-working and reliable to be used. However, our test search showed that they have an expensive fixed price of 55 euros from Helsinki Airport to the city center. The app's search function has also room for improvements.

Install Menevä App app from here.


Kyyti is a taxi app that compares prices of many taxi companies. With Finnoy Travel's experiences, the app is not working well yet so not worth installing.

Other Taxi Apps

There are also apps called Taksini (from Lähitaksi) and Valopilkku (from Taksi Helsinki). Because these companies have their own lanes and fixed prices at the airport, using their apps do not give any additional benefit. If you travel elsewhere in Helsinki by a taxi, you can install these apps too.

Other Transport from Helsinki Airport to City Centre

How to Get from Helsinki Airport to City Centre without Taxis?

If you are heading to Helsinki Center and you are not in a hurry, there is no need to take a taxi but use other public transport instead. You save some of your pennies by transporting with bus or train. It may also be even faster to take trains than taxi.

Helsinki Airport Train

The airport train to the center leaves from the Airport's railway station located underground between the terminals, just about 5 minutes walk from both terminals of the airport. There are 2 different train lines, P and I leaving to the center every 10 minutes during daytime. The trains take different routes but both of them arrives finally to Helsinki Central Railway Station. So it does not matter which train you take, if you are heading to the city center.

The ticket price starts from 4,60 € and there is not any airport supplement fee unlike in other many European airports.

The journey is about 30 minutes. Trains are calling at every stop and stops are also displayed on the information screens for your guide. Tickets can be bought from automated machines at the station and R-kiosks. Finnoy Travel recommends buying cheaper tickets by HSL app. You need to install the mobile app HSL and you just need to link a payment card, afterwhich you can easily purchase a single, day-, week- or 30-day tickets. There is no ticket sales inside the train! You therefore need a valid ticket before getting any public transport to avoid a ticket inspection fee of 80€!

Airport Buses

Taking a bus is the best option if you are not heading to the center. There are many public transport buses leaving to center and also Finnair's own bus. Use route planner to check which bus is the most suitable for you.

The bus ticket has the same price as the train ticket. You can connect free of charge between different types of public transportation while your ticket is still valid.

From Helsinki Airport to the city center you need a ticket including the zones A B C.

Finnair has its own bus to the city center but it is more expensive. Actually we do not find any good reason why to use it.

Which Taxi Would Be The Best Option?

There is no single best taxi solution from Helsinki Airport to city center. If you are travelling on budget, taking a train instead of a taxi is a good choice. At night, using Uber is probably the most inexpensive method to reach any destination in Helsinki area.

Business travellers who wish to reach their hotel or meeting place as fast as possible may take any of the next available ride from any taxi company. This sounds the simplest solution for this group.

If you still wanted to take a taxi ride for comfort reasons, then you should do at least basic comparison of prices. A few minutes spent for price comparison on the spot or by apps may easily save you 10 euros.

Prices We Have Paid Ourselves

We do not often use taxis from Helsinki Airport because reaching our home in North Helsinki is convenient by the airport train. However, sometimes we land to Helsinki Airport so late that a taxi is the only available option. During the past year we have paid the following prices from the airport to home:

  • Uber 25 euros
  • A taxi from the airport taxi line 35 euros. The asked price was 45 euros but we were able to negotiate 10 euros discount.
  • Bolt 19 euros

A Pre-booked Taxi: Convenient and Fast

A well-prepared traveller will book his/her taxi ride before the trip has even started. Taxi2Airport is one of the simplest way to book your transfer from the airport to your hotel/destination or vice versa. A driver will be waiting for you at the airport and because the ride has already been paid online, so no hassles with the payment while inside the car. Even though, this kind of service seems luxurious, it is still inexpensive. And if your flight arrives late, the driver will wait for you.

A pre-booked taxi is the easiest solution for non-local people. For example, we have used Taxi2Airport in Rhodes island when our flight landed at night. The driver was waiting for us in the arrivals hall and he guided us to his car right away. We have never reached our hotel so easily than we did in Rhodes.

Book your ride from Helsinki Airport to city center on Taxi2Airport. The cheapest ride will cost approximately 45 euros. It is also possible to book a van for big groups and the destination can also be out from the city.

Final words

Getting from Helsinki Airport to city is fast. Taxi is the most comfortable way while travelling with heavy luggage though it requires you to pay more.

If you are not heading to the city center, use Google Map or the previously mentioned route planner to check the best route and ticket price for you. The information provided from both sources are totally accurate.

If you have any questions, write your comment below. You may want to share this article to your friend travelling in Helsinki.

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