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Gifts for Travellers

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 12/29/20 | November 29, 2018

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Table of Contents

  1. Gifts to Make a Traveller Happy
  2. Gift Ideas for Someone Travelling Abroad
    1. 1. Compression Stockings
    2. 2. Travel Insurance
    3. 3. An Airport Lounge Visit
    4. 4. Unlimited Lounge Visits
    5. 5. An Activity in Your Hometown
    6. 6. Travel by the Sea
    7. 7. A Global SIM Card
    8. 8. Solar-powered Portable Power Bank
    9. 9. Noise Cancelling Headphones
    10. 10. A Surprise Journey with Your Loved One
  3. Bottom Line

Gifts to Make a Traveller Happy

Holiday seasons are coming every now and then. For sure, everyone is busy pondering what gifts to give to people dear to them. Is your friend or loved one a travelholic? It would be great to give him/her something memorable and travel-related as gifts. We are not encouraging you to buy any unneeded items but instead we suggest investing in high-quality travel services. For some people, it maybe difficult to identify what are the best gifts for travellers. Well, this article will help you on this. Travellers often prefer services to expensive gadgets because useful services are the way to make travelling more enjoyable.

Gift Ideas for Someone Travelling Abroad

We listed ideas that could be good travel gifts for people travelling abroad. We think that a gift is good if it makes the journey more pleasant, smoother travelling. That way, the gift increases the value of a trip.

1. Compression Stockings

Ever been on a long flight? Everyone knows how tiring it is but many may not be aware about the health risk factors related to air travel. This include dehydration, prolong seated posture, immobility and compression of the leg veins. These things may result to serious health complications. We encourage travellers to drink plenty of fluids during the flight minimizing intake of alcohol and caffeine-containing products. Do some leg exercise for example by moving around the cabin. For our tip, wear compression stockings! It has been proven by researchers that wearing compression stockings especially during long flights may help reduce the risk of blood clot formations in the legs, a condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Please note that compression stockings are contraindicated to some health conditions so consulting your doctor is highly recommended.

Buy high quality compression stockings from a pharmacy.

2. Travel Insurance

We really wish that nobody travels without an insurance. It would be really risky to travel without it. A travel insurance is a must for every traveller.

If you know someone who travels without a travel insurance, it is time for you to do a good job! Promise to pay his/her travel insurance as a present. It is wise to purchase a travel insurance from a reputable insurance company, also it becomes far cheaper than buying one with a flight booking via the travel agent/s.

Compare carefully the terms and prices of travel insurance companies. Not all insurances are equal.

You may want ask an instant online quote from World Nomads which is loved by many nomads.

3. An Airport Lounge Visit

Visiting an airport lounge is a great and relaxing start for a journey. Lounge Pass sells single entry vouchers to airport lounges. Unfortunately, when purchasing a pass, you need to know when to fly. Luckily, the voucher can be cancelled free of charge in the case of a flight schedule change.

If the present receiver already has flight bookings, you can surprise him/her by buying a lounge voucher to visit a lounge at his/her departure airport. A visit to high quality airport lounge is a unique travel gift. This is also a great gift for yourself, too.

Buy a lounge voucher from Lounge Pass.

4. Unlimited Lounge Visits

For frequent travellers, a permanent lounge membership is the best solution. We have published reviews of Priority Pass and DragonPass memberships. A lounge membership is a great gift for business travellers but also frequent holiday-makers will appreciate it.

With about 400 US dollars, you can buy unlimited lounge visits for a year. No matter when and how often the member is travelling.

Buy memberships from Priority Pass or DragonPass.

5. An Activity in Your Hometown

Travellers take often guided tours and activities abroad. But the activity can also happen in the hometown. GetYourGuide sells interesting activities all over the world. Most likely, also in your home town.

Buy a nice activity for yourself and your loved one from GetYourGuide.

6. Travel by the Sea

Travel by the air is common but many travellers have never travelled by the sea. In some locations, taking a ferry is impossible but if you live close to the sea, why not to take your loved one to a cruise. Not all cruises are expensive. For example, you can read about our Tallinn, Stockholm and Greek ferry experiences.

Check ferry prices on Direct Ferries.

7. A Global SIM Card

If you live outside the EU or you are an EU citizen but travelling outside the EU, you really know how high the roaming charges can become. Not everybody is willing to pay these expensive roaming charges but sometimes it is a must.

The solutions to reduce expenses are to use only WiFis, buy a local SIM card or have a global SIM card. UniSIMCard offers SIM cards with cheap roaming rates. The beef is that you can use the same SIM card always when travelling no matter which country is your destination.

Buy a global SIM card from UniSIMCard.

8. Solar-powered Portable Power Bank

We all know that a mobile phone's battery does not last long with a busy traveller. Taking many travel photos, using social media and navigating with the GPS drains phone's battery fast.

A portable power bank is the solution. Its capacity must be big enough and even better if it can be charged with solar power. It is not allowed to take a bigger than 100Wh Li-Ion battery inside the plane. Basically all available power banks do not exceed this limit. For example, you can buy safely 15000 mAh power bank. It costs about 30 US dollars.

Buy a power bank from Amazon.

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you have flown a long-haul flight in the economy class, you can agree that using the plane's entertainment system is a necessity to make your journey more comfortable. Unfortunately, the headphones provided are often of poor quality. Everyone knows that noise pollution is a common problem during flights. Listening to your favorite music or watching a movie with a basic headphone is definitely not so entertaining when there is too much background noise.

Every traveller should carry his or her own headphones. Noise cancelling headphones are the best because they remove efficiently plane's background noise. Also, it gives you exceptional audio so movies surely will be more enjoyable. A good quality noise-cancelling headphone costs from 100 to 200 US dollars.

Buy noise cancelling headphones from Amazon.

10. A Surprise Journey with Your Loved One

The best present for your loved one is to spend time with you. This does not necessarily mean that it happens at home. The time spent together will be even more lovely when you spend it in warm tropics. A journey together is a real unique travel gift.

If you know your beloved person's schedule, why don't surprise him/her with a weekend getaway or with a longer sunny holiday. Luckily nowadays, bookings can be made easily by a few clicks in the internet.

Make your bookings by using our Tips for Cheaper Travelling and you won't pay too much.

Bottom Line

We wish that our short list made your decision making easier what to give for a travelling loved one. Remember, a gift does not need to be expensive but useful for its receiver.

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