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Southeast Asia abounds with beautiful nature and peaceful beaches to unwind.

Budget-friendly Nature Destinations in Southeast Asia

  • By Guest
  • September 04, 2018

Asia is a beautiful place that everyone should visit. Being the largest continent, there are diverse places that one can consider for visits. Asia is the place where the whole family gets an extensive experience during long or short vacations.

Whether you travel with friends or workmates, there is a cool place and pleasant experiences. This fantastic continent has many areas that you should consider for your travel plans.

El Nido-Palawan and Camotes-Cebu (Philippines)

That is a place rich with caves on beautiful coastal beaches that you can relax with your family or friends. Pocket caves make this place unique for any adventurer, and it is that place that you get unending fun. Located adjacent to the jungle, if you have the ranger personality it is one place you will enjoy. Limestone cliffs terrains enhance the magical beauty by forming backdrop Karsts. Other areas that you get the same experience include Ha Long Bay and Guilin.

The remote Cebu Island gives you an out of the world experience. If you value hideouts, this is a place you should run to. Cebu is found in the Eastern part of Cebu Island and is an exact definition of a perfect getaway.

When taken work leave, Cebu welcomes you for true relaxation away from busy and congested city life. The best tip as you head to Cebu is to carry lots of cash; you won’t get Automatic Teller Machines for your Visa or Mastercard.

Lake Sebu and Vigan (Philippines)

Are you looking for clean lakes? Lake Sebu has it all; there you find a series of beautiful waterfalls as you explore the foreign culture of the local tribes. This lake zone is usually overlooked, but truth be told, it is a lush area full of eye-catching serenity. Though not as famous as the Kayangan Lake in Palawan and the Boracay beach, you get a thrilling experience when you reach Lake Sebu.

UNESCO heritage sites are world treasures protected from encroachment and a form of a landmark for vital historic areas in the world. Vigan City hit the headlines as the first heritage city listed by UNESCO and is a reminder to Filipinos about their colonial times. One area that you should consider visiting in the town is the Augustinian Cathedral that was built by the Spanish way back in the 17th Century. Vultures love this city and are a vital attraction for tourists and any traveler visiting the place.

Mount Pulag Luzon and Wang Forest (Philippines and Taiwan)

That is a sightseeing place that intrigues anyone visiting the area. Mount Pulag Luzon is for an adventurous traveler who loves adventurous climbs. When you get to the top of the mount, the sea clouds view is just exceptional. In your bucket list, do not forget adding this beautiful place.

And are you looking for a mystic experience? Wang Forest of Taiwan is the place. The density of this forest will make you lose direction; you should have your compass before exploring this particular place. Ensure you drive in a vehicle with strong fog lights since the humidity levels are just crazy.

Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan)

Enjoy the astounding beauty of Taiwan by going for a boat ride at Sun Moon Lake. Many boat ride lovers unwind their weekends at this place as they take beautiful photos and selfies. The lake is particularly unique in that lies at 2,454 feet above the sea level and is the most expansive water body in the entire Taiwan area.

Taroko National Park and Qixing Mountain (Taiwan)

While in Taipei, Qixing Mountain is the easiest to reach for any nature lover. Adjacent to the Yangmingshan National Park, you enjoy the rigorous uphill climbs as you enjoy breathtaking scenic views. Next time you plan that trip; this is the ideal place for consideration.

When looking for a green landscape, try Troko National Park. This park runs through 3 three counties in Taiwan. The green vegetation welcomes you with an aurora of freshness as you traverse the vast park full of waterfalls, and beautiful cliffs along river Liwu.

Consider spending a whole day of adventure in Nantou, Hualien or Taichung, but do not forget to pass by the splendid Taroko Gorge.

Green Island (Taiwan)

Taitung coastline is where the Green Island is found in Taiwan. The beauty of coral reefs is an outstanding experience for this beautiful highland. The multiplicity in the colors of coral, as well as the diverse variety of fish, give this place the desired attention. That is not all; Green Island marvels with the humongous rock formations and reef rings. For the snorkelers, this is the place for you! But remember to carry your goggles for protection.

Xitou and Tad Lo (Taiwan)

A brilliant idea by the National Taiwan University is winning hearts as a destination of choice for forest lovers. Though it started as an experiment, the university is reaping the fruits it deserves. Xitou is an enchanting location for photo sessions and trails.

A wide variety of planted tree varieties enhances the scenic views. Talking of tree varieties, you get to see the tortoise bamboo shell, Hinoki Cypress, and cedar among many more. On humid days, the fog is out of the world!

Tad Lo in Laos is another spectacular place for travel. Waterfalls and forests make this place a memorable experience in South East Asia. Not only do you enjoy the forest calmness, but the treks are also fun for hikers who love adventure. For the “lazy heads” a motorcycle ride will be of great help so that you don’t break down.


Generally, Asia has a bucket list of places for someone who loves travelling. It depends on the nature of fun that you want to achieve. But what is for sure is that each area that you choose will give you the memorable experience you deserve.

As you plan the list of materials to carry along during your extended trip to Asia, remember to get a cooler backpack. It will save you a great deal because of the convenience you will get. Have an adventurous journey, you deserve the enjoyment!

The article has been contributed by our guest writer, Mukit.

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