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Desert safari at Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari is one thing that you must absolutely try in Dubai.

Six Things You Must Try in Dubai!

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  • Updated: 07/28/21 | August 04, 2018

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Go to the Top of Burj Khalifa
  2. 2. Darfeel Fishing Club in Dubai
  3. 3. Explore Dubai Shopping Mall
  4. 4. Do not Miss Watersports in Dubai
  5. 5. Visit Safari Desert
  6. 6. Book a Show at Dubai Opera:

Dubai is, no doubt, tourists place. No one regrets visiting this place as it has a lot to offer to its tourists. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, then you must include the following things and places on your to-do list for Dubai. If you miss out on the following things, your visit to Dubai would be useless. Here is the list of six things you must try when you are in Dubai:

1. Go to the Top of Burj Khalifa

It is world’s tallest and stunning building standing 828 meters high and has 164 floors. You must pay a visit there while you are in Dubai. This iconic skyscraper is hard to miss out. It is appealing from the outside and jaw-dropping from the inside. It is the first place the tourists visit in Dubai.

2. Darfeel Fishing Club in Dubai

Fishing in Dubai is filled with fun, but you should join a club for guidance and make the fishing experience worthwhile. The darfeel fishing club is the best option you have. They know the waters well and is very helpful in assistance. Their services are the best and will leave you with a good experience of fishing. They even offer fish kayaking where you can enjoy fishing as well as the kayak rides. Here is a link in order to know more.

3. Explore Dubai Shopping Mall

It is near to Burj Khalifa and a beautiful mall to shop at. It has everything inside it, from more than 100 shops to restaurants and the indoor theme park, zoo and aquarium. You must spend a whole day to explore it fully. Enjoy your visit there to its fullest.

4. Do not Miss Watersports in Dubai

Dubai offers lots of watersports not only to swimmers but also to non-swimmers and is worth trying. Banana boat ride, Jet skiing, submarine excursion, fishing and knee-boarding are some watersports that you must try there. It will double up the fun. Kite beach is a perfect spot for water sports.

5. Visit Safari Desert

A visit to the Safari desert will be full of adventure for you. The marvels of this desert have always appealed to the tourists. The camel rides, the mouthwatering dinner, and the belly dance are somethings that you should not miss out while you are in Dubai. This is something you will never forget.

Editor's comment: Finnoy Travel has published an article about a good desert safari in Dubai.

6. Book a Show at Dubai Opera:

Something different and exciting should never be missed like taking a show in Dubai opera which is near to Dubai Fountain. The beauty is that the shows are not limited and you'll find everything from opera, dance, concerts, theatre, family shows and the like. The building itself is an amazing and checking out a show is going to be a worthwhile experience.

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