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Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral is the iconic image of Helsinki. Many big events in the Finnish capital are happening in front of this Finnish jewel.

Trump and Putin in Helsinki: A Local View

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 07/03/21 | July 14, 2018

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Table of Contents

  1. Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki
  2. Finland's History with Russia
  3. Entertaining Aspects of the Summit
    1. Leaders Will Land to Helsinki Airport
  4. Trump Stays (probably) at Kalastajatorppa
    1. Meeting at Presidential Palace
    2. Summit and an Open Air Pool
    3. Presidential Food
  5. Security Preparations Are Almost Funny
  6. What Finns Think about US and Russia?
  7. Time to Prepare a Trip to Finland?

Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet each other in the Finnish capital Helsinki, Finland on 16th July. You may wonder, why we as a travel site are writing about this meeting. The simple answer is: The meeting is a big thing and well talked about by residents especially in social media not only in Finland but surely worldwide.

Majority of Finnish people may not be interested in politics but the meeting of the two world leaders, Trump and Putin will be much more important to Finns. We are a small nation with less than 6 millions residents so getting two powerful leaders to Finland is something that does not happen every day. The last time when the President of the United States has visited Finland was in 1997. However, Russia's long political leader Putin has been visiting Finland more often because Russia is Finland's neighbour.

Finland's History with Russia

Finland became independent from Russia in 1917 and after that our country has developed to be an unique place to live and now we have our own Finnish values that are quite similar to other Nordic countries. However, Finland has always had close relations for Soviet Union and Russia and the country has stabilized between the West and the East. That makes Finland an ideal place for Trump and Putin to meet. Finland shares western values but also has a good history of co-operation with its eastern neighbour.

Entertaining Aspects of the Summit

We are not going to analyze the results of the meeting but we will share with our readers some entertaining thoughts about practical issues and we are encouraging our readers to visit Finland someday.

Leaders Will Land to Helsinki Airport

Update July 16th: Trump landed to Helsinki Airport in the evening of July 15th and Air Force One was parked on the one of the three runways. The VIP terminal was not used but Trump boarded his car directly from the runway.

Trump and Putin will most probably land to Helsinki International Airport that is the biggest airport in Finland. It is a hub between Europe and Asia but Helsinki Airport also has good domestic connections and also a wide flight network to Europe and to some American destinations.

You will not meet Trump or Putin in the passenger terminals but there is a VIP terminal for special passengers. They will continue to the hotels or to the meeting places by travelling with a car. Helsinki center is about 17 kms from the Helsinki Airport.

An interesting fact is that Helsinki Airport is not in Helsinki but in Vantaa that is a neighboring city of Helsinki. Actually Helsinki area has 4 different cities tightly connected to each other: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Ordinary travellers can take a train from Helsinki Airport to Helsinki center in less than 30 minutes.

Did you know that Finland has more than 50 airports and there is regular traffic to 22 airports?

Trump Stays (probably) at Kalastajatorppa

Update July 16th: Trump stayed at Kalastajatorppa as expected but he may have slept in the Finnish Goverment's Guest House that is located next to the hotel.

According to the current rumors Trump will be accommodated at Hilton Kalastajantorppa hotel. Helsinki has multiple good quality hotels but only a few luxury hotels. Kalastajatorppa is one of the most reputable hotels in the Helsinki region.

The hotel is located in the area called Munkkiniemi where many embassies are closely located. The hotel has hosted many famous events and it has a long history. A cafe at the same location was opened 1915, a restaurant in 1935 and the current hotel buildings where opened 1969. The area is peaceful and really beautiful during the summer time. Helsinki center is also easily reachable.

Hilton Kalastajatorppa sign

A refreshing view and a breath of fresh air welcomes every guest of Hotel Hilton Kalastajatorppa as it is surrounded by big trees and beautiful gardens.

Hilton Kalastajatorppa in summer

Hotel Hilton has several buildings at this location. From the terrace, a beautiful sea view is an extra bonus to all guests and holiday makers.

Kalastajatorppa is not just a hotel for big stars but everyone can sleep there by paying a moderate price. Kalastajatorppa is a great hotel for travellers visiting in Helsinki who want to relax close to the nature, enjoy good food and great hotel services and still want to access the Helsinki center easily.

Hilton Kalastajatorppa Surroundings

Carpets of greenish grasslands, flower gardens and tall trees altogether contributes to the natural beauty of of Hotel Kalastajatorppa's surroundings.

Meeting at Presidential Palace

Update July 16th: The meeting between Trump and Putin was held in the presidential palace as expected.

Trump and Putin will probably have their meeting at the presidential palace just next to the market square. For ordinary traveller's, the market square is much more interesting spot in Helsinki. Local people and tourists love to spend their summer days there by enjoying Finnish seafood, having coffee and shopping fresh Finnish berries. There are also many sightseeing cruises leaving from the market square and also a public ferry connection to Suomenlinna, that is a must-do attraction in Helsinki.

Unfortunately during the Trump-Putin Summit the market square and all its services will be closed due to security reasons. We will be sure that countless of Finns will still find their ways as close as possible to the presidential palace because Finns are curious to see in actual these famous leaders.

The President of Republic of Finland is having independence celebration every year in the presidential palace where more than 2000 people will be invited. Unfortunately Finnoy Travel authors have not been invited there yet.

Summit and an Open Air Pool

You may be wondering what a pool has to do with Trump and Putin. The answer is nothing. But an open air spa called Allas Sea Pool is located next to the market square and it is an ideal place to spot the presidential palace.

Many international journalists have their bases at Allas Sea Pool during the meeting. That is great extra income for the small company maintaining this outside spa.

Travellers should visit Allas Sea Pool during their Helsinki trip. It is open every day, no matter if it is +35 centigrades or -30 degrees. The outside pool is always heated to be +26 degrees but you may try also swimming in the sea. Between swimming sessions, you may enjoy Finnish saunas and snacks in the restaurant. After having the spa, a traveller should also visit the Market Hall close to the market square where traditional Finnish product and food are being sold.

Allas Sea Pool Helsinki

Allas Sea Pool is an outside spa next to the market square. During the summer time, they also have entertaining programs on their stage. Next to the pool, is the spectacular Helsinki Wheel.

Presidential Food

Food always play an important role in big meetings. We have no idea what Trump and Putin will be offered but here's our pick of guesses.

Finnish forests have almost unlimited amounts fresh and really tasteful berries so we would be really surprised if those will not be offered during this summer summit. More than 70% of Finland is covered by the forest and when there is more than 18 hours daylight, berries grow very fast.

Helsinki lies also close to the sea, so we expect seafood to be offered. Basically, Finnish cuisine consists a lot of potatoes and vegetables prepared in a traditional way and not using much spices.

A famous Finnish former skier Juha Mieto suggested Mämmi to be offered to the guests. Mämmi is an Easter Day dessert that divides also minds: Some people love it and some people just don't. Warning, the food appears disgusting but we don't judge those who loves this exotic food.

Security Preparations Are Almost Funny

Finland is absolutely a safe country. In the countryside, many people don't even lock the doors of their houses and for example violent demonstrations are almost unknown in Finland. That is why the Summit security preparation look almost funny by the Finnish eyes.

No drones sign

Obviously for security reasons, drones are prohibited within the area. In our visit today, we have noticed also metal detectors and X-ray scanners were pre-installed near the entrance. In addition, groups of police and military officers were ensuring security of the hotel and its vicinity.

What Finns Think about US and Russia?

There is not any single answer to this question. Finns have many opinions about these big countries and about their leaders but in average Finns are curious and tolerant people. Many people are wanting to visit United States but it is also common to have a trip to St. Petersburg by a train or a ship.

A better question could be what US and Russian people think about Finns. As a small nation Finns are always curious what others are thinking about us. You may think it is some kind of insecurity but at the same time Finns are also proud of their country.

Time to Prepare a Trip to Finland?

Are you curious to experience Finland yourself? We suggest you to start preparing your next city trip in/to Europe not missing to visit Helsinki City.

Finland is a modern, economically and politically stable Nordic country with beautiful summers and a lot of untouched nature. There is much to see in the cities too and during the winter time you may visit Lapland to enjoy real winter activities and to meet Santa Claus. And if you prefer to follow Trump's footsteps staying at Hilton Kalastajantorppa* is recommended. We can also recommend Hotel St. George* and Hotel Kämp* for people who appreciate perfect quality.

Read our article, how an immigrant sees Finland to learn more about our country. The article gives a good and intensive blick to the Finnish life.

If you liked this article, we would be glad if you shared it. You may always contact us privately if you have any Finland-related questions.

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