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Eurovision 2019: How to Prepare Early?

The entrance of ESC 2017

Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most popular events not only in Europe but in the world. In fact this event is broadcast across five continents. In 2017 the contest was in Kiev, Ukraine.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) or popularly called Eurovision is one of the famous annual events in Europe with a legacy of 63 years since its inauguration in 1956. Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most watched non-sporting events and also one of the longest-running television programmes in the world. Unfortunately, its wide popularity makes attending the event expensive and sometimes even impossible. This article consists of a list how to attend ESC 2019 cheaper.

We were lucky for able to attend the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon and our plan is also to visit ESC 2019. Preparing early enough is really important to reduce costs. We are happy to share our strategy how to decrease costs.

Conclude Tentative Details of ESC 2019

As long as you do not have any confirmed information about ESC 2019, you can always make educated guesses. It is important to be a few steps ahead from the others. This way, you can make all your vital bookings before prices get up.

The Location of ESC 2019

Now we know that the ESC 2019 will most likely be held in Israel, which won Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Usually the venue will be in the capital of the winner's country. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (Israel's own definition) but because it is lacking good flight connections, it is not the most suitable option. Israel has better big cities to host Eurovision and for example we would recommend the venue to be located in Tel Aviv. However, Israel has now announced that ESC 2019 will be held in Jerusalem but European Broadcast Union has not confirmed the information yet. It is still quite unclear where the event will be. Luckily Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are not far away (less than 100kms) from each other. Staying in Tel Aviv can be an option even though you visited the event in Jerusalem.

Our original tip was to make educated guesses, which cities are the most probable venue for the ESC 2019. Usually these cities are the same as the three biggest cities in the winner's country. In Israel's case, we are now suggesting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Dates of ESC 2019

Eurovision Song Contest is not a single day event rather it is a full week with many events including the semi-finals and the final. Many visitors are only attending the final which is held on Saturday.

The schedule of ESC 2019 is not impossible to estimate. Eurovision Song Contest is usually arranged in May. Most probably, ESC 2019 will happen during the 4 first weeks of May. Our best guess for the final date is 18th May 2019 but it can also be one week earlier or later. The week to be chosen depends much on the other events at the same time. Expect ESC 2019 final to happen 11th, 18th or 25th May 2019. So far there is not any confirmed data.

Do Arrangements Early!

Now you know the tentative dates and you also know that the location of ESC 2019 is probably Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Start doing arrangements right away!

Hotels During ESC 2019 Will Get Expensive

Cheap accommodation is impossible to find during ESC but the cheaper it will be, the faster it will get fully booked. We recommend you to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Estimate the schedule and location of ESC 2019 like we suggested earlier. You will end up to many combinations but it isn't a big problem.

Hotel prices increase fast so book your hotel as early as possible. It is really important to book a hotel that is refundable. Actually you need to book hotels for every location and days that you consider to be somehow possible next venue and schedule of ESC. After the venue and the schedule are confirmed later in the summer, just cancel unneeded bookings.

We suggest you to compare hotel prices on HotelsCombined.com*, that is our favourite comparison tool. Booking.com* is also a good alternative because it often offers refundable hotel bookings. Choose hotels that can be cancelled free of charge or that will be paid later (at the hotel). Mark your calendar that you remember to cancel punctually unneeded hotels later.

Flight Prices Vary Less

For the flights we can't recommend the same strategy. Booking refundable flights is super expensive so do not book anything before the event dates are confirmed. However, while waiting, try to find out different flight routes to the destination. Doing a good research is important.

When the ESC 2019 dates will finally be confirmed, you already have a good idea how you could fly to the destination. The cheapest route usually isn't the direct route but it is the flights which include connections. Combining low-cost flights can also be a good solution.

Prepare to book the flights when you are sure where to fly to and when. We recommend you to use Skyscanner* to do comparison.

Eurovision Song Contest Tickets

Getting tickets to ESC 2019 is the most difficult thing.

Follow the official information channels of ESC 2019 and know when the ticket sale will start. Expect it to start approximately in November 2018 but the sale may be done in a few separate patches. Usually there is an electronic queuing system on the sale dates and it is absolute important that you join the queue before it starts. Use many devices and ask you friends to help you. Having many places in the queue will help increase your chance to get the tickets.

If ESC 2019 will be held in a big and popular city, securing your tickets to the final and semi-finals may be hard. Rehearsal shows are almost as nice as the real shows and tickets for them are easier to get.

Final Words

Attending Eurovision Song Contest will never be cheap. By preparing well and being early birds, you increase your chances to get tickets. Early booking usually means cheaper hotels and maybe also cheaper flights. ESC 2019 is a popular event not only for Europeans but this international event is broadcast across five continents.

If you get unlucky and don't get tickets to the shows, don't worry. There are countless other Eurovision related events at the same time so travelling to Eurovision city is never a bad choice. You will find out much to do there.

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It is absolute important to book your refundable accommondation as soon as possible. Consider using HotelsCombined* or Booking.com*. Flights are not worth booking before the dates have been confirmed. Consider using Skyscanner* when booking your flights.

While waiting for more information about ESC, it is good time to do summer trips. A great way to make air travelling more comfortable is to visit an airport lounge. Check our ultimate guide about airport lounges.

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  1. Agree with the tips.
    Last year I booked our hotel in Lisbon 10 minutes after the winner was clear. Got great 4 star hotel with moderate price. One day later the price was almost double.
    Meanwhile the price went up and down but so cheap was it never again, not even near.


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