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Air disruption

Any flight can be cancelled when you least expect it. This sad event is fortunately protected with your passenger's rights.

Flight Cancellations in the EU: Our Advice

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Table of Contents

  1. What Taking Care Means According to EU261?
  2. Flight Cancelled? Follow These Steps
  3. Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flight
  4. EU Flight Compensations Aren't Easy to Get

Flight cancellations and flight delays happen every now and then. These may be caused by an airline or by another factor. If the delay or the cancellation is under the control of the airline you may be entitled to EU flight compensation. If the event is caused by extraordinary circumstances you can't get a compensation but the airline is still responsible to take you to the destination and while waiting to take care of you. The rules apply to intra-EU flights and to some flights originating or arriving to EU.

In addition to delays and cancellations, denied boarding, flight schedule change or involuntary removal from the flight may lead to a right to have a compensation. Get familiar with your rights as a traveler .

What Taking Care Means According to EU261?

The rules state the airline must take care of you. If you have a long waiting time at the airport after the scheduled departure time you have a right to get some free food or snacks. If the unexpected waiting happens during the night you have a right to get free accommodation and transportation to the hotel and back. Dinners, lunches and breakfast must be included. Remember that these rights don't apply if you just have booked a flight with bad schedule and long connection times.

When the event is caused by the airline you usually also have a right for money compensation. Technical failures usually are under the control of the airline so they lead to a compensation.

Flight Cancelled? Follow These Steps

  • Know your passenger's rights before the flight.
  • When an unfortunate event happens negotiate immediately with the airline for the best solution. Remember that you have a right to reach the destination. If there is long waiting included the airline should take care of you.
  • After you have reached the destination make a compensation claim for extra costs. In some cases you also have a right for flight cancellation compensation as money.
  • If the delay is long, you have also a right to cancel the rest of your journey and ask the airline to take you back to the origin free of charge.

Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flight

Applying a flight delay compensation according to EU261 regulation may be a complicated process. Every time the event has been under the control of the airline we suggest you to make the claim. By making it yourself you will get the compensation all by yourself. Claims can usually be made on airline's web page.

However, sometime you may be too busy or the claiming process seems to be much complicated for you. Then we suggest to use My Flight Delayed (only for UK residents). They will handle all the process on behalf of you. If they fail to get the compensation from the airline, you don't pay any service free. If they succeed, they will take 30% + VAT of the compensation for their service fee. The best thing about availing the service is getting almost 70% of the compensation without need of doing anything. Hence, avoiding the agony of filing for your compensation and definitely some stress related to waiting time.

If you are unsure if you are entitled to delay or cancelled flight compensation, you can check it via My Flight Delayes really easily. Compensations can be applied even a few years after the flight so no worries if you have not done it immediately.

EU Flight Compensations Aren't Easy to Get

As the final words we would like to mention that getting the EU261 money compensation for a delayed flight is not a piece of cake. It may take time and you need to know what you are doing. However we always recommend you to try when you feel you have a right to be compensated.

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