A view from train window in Norway
Finnøy in Norway is largely an agricultural community. This photo of beautiful greenish landscapes was taken while travelling in Oslo's countryside.

Why Are We Calling Ourselves as Finnoy?

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • 04 November 2017 - 4 min read

Finnøy and Finnoy Travel

Finnoy or correctly written Finnøy is a municipality in Norway. According to Wikipedia, it has about 3,000 inhabitants. Our readers may wonder if we have a connection to this sparsely populated area in Norway. The answer is: no, we do not have a connection. Our website's name is derived from the combination of two words used to address nationalities: Finn and Pinoy. A Finn (noun) is a term to refer to someone from Finland and Pinoy is a slang term referring to a Filipino, a native descent from the Philippines. By combining these two words, we coined the word Finnoy to reflect our cultural backgrounds.

We were surprised to find out that many people who are looking for information about Finnøy municipality, will get our website listed in Google's search results. With the keyword Finnøy, we are listed in the top 10 results. So we decided to look for and write a few words about Finnøy.

Beautiful Norwegian Islands

We have never visited Finnøy islands but because we share almost the same name, we decided to do a complimentary promotion for this peaceful-sounding area. Maybe one day, we have a chance to visit Finnøy's beautiful islands.

Finnøy is an island municipality founded in 1838. The closest bigger city is Stavanger located about 20 km from Finnøy and the direct destination to Oslo is about 300 kilometres. According to a Google image search, the scenery in the Finnøy area is amazing: Nordic green nature with mountains and fjords. The atmosphere looks peaceful.

How to Travel to Finnøy?

Travellers to Norway visit usually the capital Oslo which we have visited too. There is a lot to see but Norway's countryside is more beautiful. We noticed that on our road trip to Tromso.

Visiting Finnøy islands is not practical directly from Oslo but you should take a flight or a train to Stavanger. From Stavanger, the Finnøy islands are easily reachable by road in less than an hour.

Royal Garden Oslo
While having a stopover in Oslo, unwinding in Royal Garden is a recommended option.

What to See and Do in Finnøy?

We have not visited yet this small municipality in Norway but based on our research, we list things to see and do there. A good source to find more information about Finnøy is to visit Fjord Norway website.


Biking in the Finnøy area is an excellent option to explore the easygoing roads of the islands. Hopping between the islands is easy with only little car traffic. It may sound similar to biking in the Åland Islands in Finland.


You will find many excellent walking trails on Finnøy with chances also to see newly built greenhouses, sheep and livestock. Norway is a paradise for hikers. We noticed that on our trip around Tromso.


Finnøy has long been an agricultural community and fishing is still the most important livelihood. Fishing is plentiful, not just in the summer but in winter too, through the ice. Fishing is a way to get a connection to nature.

Main Sights

According to our research, if we ever have a chance to visit Finnøy, we want to visit at least the following sights.

Finnøy Kystfort

Finnøy Kystfort is a historical military base near Finnøy town. The spot is perfect to shoot interesting photos on Instagram.

Lauvsnes Gartneri

Lauvsnes Gartneri is a garden and a tomato farm on Finnøy islands. Tomatoes have been grown there since the 16th century. Being that said, people have been growing tasty tomatoes for many centuries. It would be perfect to taste these historic tomatoes ourselves. Visiting the garden is more special on the occasion of the yearly tomato festival every August.


What would be better than having fresh coffee and home-baked goods at Cafe Kaihuset? Scandinavian countryside cafes have an atmosphere that you won't find in big cities.

Bottom Line

We do not have any real-life connection to Finnøy Municipality but our simple research made us curious to visit it one day. Have you been there? We would be glad to hear your stories/experiences in the comment area.

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