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Sharjah desert

United Arab Emirates are located on the desert. The photo has been taken in Sharjah about 20 kms from Dubai.

Views from Dubai

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In this article we are not introducing facts about Dubai or giving travel information. However, we will just introduce a few photos from popular Dubai sightseeing spots that may be worth to visit.

Dubai Mall

Dubai is the place for shopping. You will find numerous shopping malls and Dubai Mall is maybe one of the most famous one. For example in the Mall there is a huge aquarium. Keep in mind that despite of huge sale campaigns shopping in Dubai is not so cheap. If money is not the problem you will find (almost) everything you need.

Dubai Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. The view from there is amazing. Accessing the building however is not easy or fast. You should book the access many days before to get a cheaper rate. If you prefer to access the top floors you have to pay much more.

Dubai Mall Fountain

Next to Burj Khalifa there is Dubai Fountain. In the evening you will see a free very impressive water fountain show every half a hour with great western or Arabic music.

Arabic Queue

Arabic queue is kind of interesting thing to see. Women and men have separate queues. Being a woman is absolutely an advantage because you get everything fast and you even have your own car in a metro. Please behave well when queuing.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a garden with great ideas. Difficult to image any better or more romantic place to relax.

Dubai Marina

In the South of Dubai there is area called Dubai Marina. You will find luxury but expensive hotels and very tall and nice looking buildings next to the sea. Surely, there is also a big mall and you can have boat rides with dinners on the sea.

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Destination : Dubai

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