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Helsinki Airport Taxi Guide

  • By Finnoy Travel (Updated: 04/04/20)
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Taxis in Finland are reliable but known to be pricey. With the arrival of new taxi companies, choosing a reliable and inexpensive taxi is more difficult. This article advises you how to choose a good taxi from Helsinki Airport to the city center. Read also from our article how much traditional taxis and the new comers charge and what mobile taxi apps there are available.

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Car Renting Abroad: A Traveller's Guide

  • By Finnoy Travel (Updated: 03/20/20)
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Are you planning to rent a car during a holiday abroad? We have done it multiple times in European destinations. Especially, we have enjoyed the freedom to move freely without the worries of tight schedules. Read important tips from our car rental guide.

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Island Hopping in Greece by Ferries

  • By Finnoy Travel (Updated: 02/25/20)
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Greece is a famous summer destination. While Athens attracts many travellers for its famous historical sites, heading to the islands gives you more. Read our tips how to plan successful island hopping on the Greek territories.

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How to Travel with a Drone?

  • By Finnoy Travel (Updated: 12/20/19)
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Consumer drones are affordable. Thanks to the invention of drones that allow us nowadays to record great aerial videos. However, you need to choose a suitable drone for travelling to avoid practical problems. Get familiar with our guide how to travel with a drone.

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How to Immigrate to Finland?

  • By Finnoy Travel (Updated: 12/01/19)
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Are you curious if you can move and work in the happiest country on the planet - Finland? We collected essential main topics about immigration to Finland. Read the article to understand the basics of Finnish immigration system.

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