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Ryanair B737-800 at Stanstedt Airport

Review: Ryanair, the Best-known Low-cost Airline?

  • Published: 26/08/22

There are countless good and bad stories about Ryanair. Besides these, one fact stands, Ryanair being the biggest low-cost airline in Europe, has often the cheapest flight tickets to many destinations. In our Ryanair review, we share based on our experiences, what kind of service level you can expect. Read the review and know what is flying onboard Ryanair like!

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Wizz Air A320 at Turku International Airport

Wizz Air's Luggage Policy Came with Problems

  • Published: 26/07/18

In 2018, Wizz Air unexpectedly implemented an unconventional luggage policy, resulting in various challenges. However, the airline managed to resolve these obstacles in a humorous manner. Although also the current luggage policy remains stringent, it is important to familiarise yourself with our experiences by reading the narrative.

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