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How Airlines Are Refunding Tickets?

  • By Finnoy Travel (Updated: 06/24/20)
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Airlines have cancelled countless flights after the crisis began. Applying for a ticket refund sounds a simple but it may become a really time-consuming process. Read from the article how airlines have been handling refund applications.

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Should You Accept An Airline's Voucher Offer?

  • By Finnoy Travel (Updated: 06/02/20)
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It is common nowadays that flights are cancelled before the planned travel dates. It may be that the airline is not anymore able to fly to certain destinations. Read from our article to know which is a wiser decision to do, wether to accept the refund as an airline's voucher or to apply for monetary refund.

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Flight Cancellations in the EU: Our Advice

  • By Finnoy Travel (Updated: 05/21/20)
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Unfortunate events such as flight delays or cancellations happen. For sure, supposed travel plans will be the source of stressor if events like this hamper itineraries as planned. This article will give you tips what to do if an airline cancels or delays your flight.

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