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Komplett Bank credit card

Review: Komplett Bank Mastercard for Travellers

  • Updated: 05/04/22

Komplett Bank Mastercard is a competitor for Bank Norwegian┬┤s Visa. Both the cards have similar features. Even though Komplett Bank credit card is not targeted to travellers, a frequent traveller can benefit much from it. Read our review to get familiar with Komplett Bank Mastercard as we share our own experiences.

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AirBaltic Airbus A220 at Riga Airport

Should You Accept An Airline's Voucher Offer?

  • Updated: 05/04/22

It is common nowadays that flights are cancelled before the planned travel dates. It may be that the airline is no anymore able to fly to certain destinations. Read from our article to know which is a wiser decision to do, whether to accept the refund as an airline's voucher or to apply for a monetary refund.

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